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Favorable or Unfavorable #426: Herbert Hoover


Favorable or Unfavorable #426: Herbert Hoover  

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Herbert Hoover (CA-R) is most well-known for both his inability to reign in the Great Depression or to inspire any semblance of confidence that the Great Depression could be resolved. As a result, he is historically unpopular. However, from the late 1910s through 1929, he was one of the most popular men in the US. He was something of a rising progressive star. He moderated during the Coolidge administration and fell out of favor with Coolidge, who thought Hoover was overshadowing him (he was).

For whatever reason, Hoover's response to the Great Depression was much more conservative than FDR's despite FDR arguably being more conservative than Hoover in the 1920s. Hoover should get some credit for intervening, setting a mild precendence for the New Deal. Hoover was an excellent cabinet officer, but his instincts were awful in a crisis, especially dealing with devestated people. He showed little empathy (although we can imagine Coolidge would have been even more of a disaster here). 

After his landslide defeat, almost out of malicious bitterment, Hoover became the highest-profile opponent of the New Deal, placing himself among the most conservative GOPers. One scholar I read places Hoover as the progenitor of the current GOP. I disagree with this, but it's a theory. He was receptive of McCarthyism after the war, and played a role in both Truman and Eisenhower's administration, strangely disliking Eisenhower more than Truman. He declined a role from JFK. 

I think if Hoover had never run for president, he'd be a 90% favorable type of guy. The Great Depression seems to have put him in a permanent one 

His actions:

Hoover, Herbert 1917 Appt head of US Food Admin during WWI and post-war by Wilson
Hoover, Herbert 1920 Independent progressive declares self GOPer because Democrats lack chance of winning
Hoover, Herbert 1920 Rep Pres Cand, calling for continued progressive policies
Hoover, Herbert 1920 Backs Harding for president in the general, becoming committed GOPer
Hoover, Herbert 1920 Backs League of Nations
Hoover, Herbert 1921 Confirmed Sec of Commerce for Harding; had been given choice btwn this and Sec of Interior
Hoover, Herbert 1923 Kept on as Sec of Commerce by Coolidge
Hoover, Herbert 1923 Emerges from exposed Harding cabinet scandals unscathed
Hoover, Herbert 1924 Strong Rep VP cand
Hoover, Herbert 1927 Role in Radio Act of 1927
Hoover, Herbert 1928 Wins 1928 election in landslide, running on a much more moderate platform than in 1920
Hoover, Herbert 1928 Rift w/ Coolidge when Hoover aids Great MS Flood victims, becoming more popular than Coolidge
Hoover, Herbert 1928 Fails to get public endorsement by Coolidge, who did not like Hoover
Hoover, Herbert 1929 Appts more blacks to Fed offices than Harding & Coolidge combined, but removes them from leadership offices to try and win votes in the South
Hoover, Herbert 1929 Presides duriing Wall Street Crash of 1929 and Great Depression
Hoover, Herbert 1929 Signs the Agricultural Marketing Act
Hoover, Herbert 1930 Deprioritizes intevention in Latin American countries (Clark Memorandum)
Hoover, Herbert 1930 Signs London Naval Treaty
Hoover, Herbert 1930 Issues Executive Order aimed at requiring immigrants to have employment before arriving
Hoover, Herbert 1930 Signs Smoot-Hawley
Hoover, Herbert 1930 Orders deportation of Mexican-Americans, 60% are birthright citizens
Hoover, Herbert 1931 Vetoes Muscle Shoals Bill
Hoover, Herbert 1931 Suggests banks and financial orgs aid in GD, but makes no exec decision to help
Hoover, Herbert 1931 Hoover Moratorium to delay reparation payments to help Europe recover
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Hoovervilles become extremely common as homelessness and unemployment remain high
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Signs Revenue Act of 1932
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Signs Federal Home Loan Bank Act
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Orders deportation of Mexican-Americans, 60% are birthright citizens
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Orders break up of Bonus Army protestors, leading to 2 deaths and a thousand injuries
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Signs the first Glass-Steagall Act (not the more famous one)
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Signs the Emergency Relief and Const Act, first law to deal with effects of GD
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Calls for worldwide cutbacks in armaments and banning of tanks and bombers to no avail
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Issues Stimson Doctrine; US will not recognize land taken by Force (Japan taking Manch.)
Hoover, Herbert 1932 Loses bid for reelection in a landslide
Hoover, Herbert 1933 Now a major conservative leader, authors The Challenge to Liberty, attacking FDR's New Deal
Hoover, Herbert 1936 Gives well-received speech at GOP Conv attacking New Deal; hopes to get nomination for pres but gets no support
Hoover, Herbert 1938 Meets Hitler in Germany; comes back thinking Hitler is insane but that FDR is a greater threat to peace
Hoover, Herbert 1940 Rep pres cand
Hoover, Herbert 1940 Joins anti-FDR, anti-New Deal, and isolationist America First Committee
Hoover, Herbert 1941 Gives radio address warning of a US-USSR alliance
Hoover, Herbert 1944 Dewey requests that Hoover not openly campaign for him b/c Hoover unpopular
Hoover, Herbert 1945 Advises Truman not to demand unconditional surrender from Japan
Hoover, Herbert 1945 Opposes USSR entry into UN; supports Red Scare tactics in the US
Hoover, Herbert 1947 Appt to lead the new Hoover Commission by Truman
Hoover, Herbert 1949 Offered US Sen of NY vacancy by Gov Dewey, but declines as he would only be finishing a term
Hoover, Herbert 1952 Backs conservative Taft over Eisenhower at GOP Conv
Hoover, Herbert 1953 Leads another Hoover Commission created by Eisenhower
Hoover, Herbert 1961 Declines admin role offers for JFK admin
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