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Favorable or Unfavorable #427: Harry Hopkins


Favorable or Unfavorable #427: Harry Hopkins  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #427: Harry Hopkins

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Harry Hopkins is one of the most influential obscure people in 20th century US history. Much of FDR's success is due to him, both domestically and abroad. It becomes evident why Hopkins was FDR's chosen successor up until Hopkin's was diagnosed with stomach cancer. What's amazing is that 6 of Hopkins's action occur as he was dying. He look awful in photos in the 1940s. 

Hopkins's closest historical analogy is probably Colonel House from the Wilson administration.

Hopkins could be included in a triumvirate of three men that "made" FDR: James Farley, Louis Howe, and Harry Hopkins. Winston Churchill called Hopkins a "natural leader of men."

His actions:

Hopkins, Harry 1923 Pres of National Assoc of Social Workers
Hopkins, Harry 1933 Heads both FERA & CWA
Hopkins, Harry 1935 Heads WPA
Hopkins, Harry 1938 Confirmed Sec of Commerce
Hopkins, Harry 1939 Diagnosed with stomach cancer, compelling FDR dropping him as his heir apparent.
Hopkins, Harry 1940 Resigns and moves in the White House as FDR's unofficial foreign policy advisor, living in the WH w/ FDR
Hopkins, Harry 1941 Administers Lend-Lease program with the UK
Hopkins, Harry 1943 Attends Casablanca Conference
Hopkins, Harry 1943 Attends Tehran Conference
Hopkins, Harry 1943 Attends Cairo Conference
Hopkins, Harry 1945 Attends Yalta Conference; dies early next year
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