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Favorable or Unfavorable #428: Edward House


Favorable or Unfavorable #428: Edward House  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #428: Edward House

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Edward House of TX, better known as Colonel House, was one of the most influential background figures in US politics. He made 4 men Gov of TX and one man president of the US. We sometimes forget that Wilson is a Southern-born Democrat, who was of NJ only because he was president of Princeton University before becoming Gov of NJ. Similarly, House was a Southerner who moved North (to NYC), possibly because he outgrew the South and wanted to be more national or international a figure. He met Wilson when he moved North. 

Wilson's stroke and extreme attachment to his 2nd wife caused a split between House and Wilson. The new 1st Lady didn't like House's influence, and some argue that she wanted to replace that influence. 

His actions:

House, Edward 1912 Anonymously authors important futuristic political novel entitled Philip Dru: Administrator (revealed as author much later)
House, Edward 1912 Campaign manager for Wilson's pres campaign, having successfully made 4 men Gov of TX
House, Edward 1913 Wilson's unofficial chief advisor, after declining roles for a cabint post; moves into the White House
House, Edward 1915 Urges Wilson to get involved in WWI but Wilson sticks to neutrality
House, Edward 1916 Declines to be campaign manager for Wilson but serves as campaign advisor
House, Edward 1918 Prepares constitution for a League of Nations
House, Edward 1919 Begins to replace Lansing as Wilson's Foreign policy advisor
House, Edward 1919 Role in Paris Peace Conference, helping Wilson outline his 14 points
House, Edward 1919 Urges Wilson to work with Sen Lodge and GOP to ratify Versailles Treaty; Wilson ignores him
House, Edward 1920 Shunned by Wilson for rest of presidency due to supposed liberties taken on Versailles Treaty
House, Edward 1932 Backs FDR for president but grows to privately oppose the New Deal
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