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Favorable or Unfavorable #429: Sam Houston


Favorable or Unfavorable #429: Sam Houston  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #429: Sam Houston

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Sam Houston of TN/TX was consistently a Jacksonian Democrat, even when he went 3rd party. Andrew Jackson was a fervent Unionist and likely would have left the Democrats had he lived to 1861. 

Not captured in the actions below is Houston's bipolar relations with the Cherokee, who he was both friends with and who he also helped to remove. Don't have specific dates.

I was born and raised in TX and Houston is kind of like George Washington there in the sense that Houston is the central figure in the creation of Texas's identity. I can't remember learning about him, but I certainly knew about him by the time I was 5 or so. I do remember seeing a picture of a painting of him wounded and under a tree, receiving the surrender of Santa Ana.

His actions:

Houston, Sam 1824? Calls for US recognition of Greece, which was fighting for independence from the Ottoman Empire
Houston, Sam 1824 Strong supporter of Jackson for pres, who was a kind of mentor for him
Houston, Sam 1832 Formally reprimanded by Congress for beating Rep. Stanbery w/ a cane for alleging fraudulent behavior
Houston, Sam 1832 Fmr TN Gov settles in TX and soon leads TX Independent forces against Mexican Army
Houston, Sam 1844 Role in TX annexation treaty, while serving 2nd stint as Pres of TX
Houston, Sam 1846 One of the 1st two US Sen, having twice been president of the Texas Republic
Houston, Sam 1846 Calls for annexation of Oregon Territory
Houston, Sam 1850 Crucial late support of Compromise of 1850
Houston, Sam 1850 says TX would fight US Army to defend turf if Taylor sends army
Houston, Sam 1852 Dem pres cand
Houston, Sam 1854 Rare Southerner opposes to KS-NB Act
Houston, Sam 1855 Switches from Dem to Know Nothing b/c he likes their Unionist and anti-Catholic stances
Houston, Sam 1859 Fmr Pres of Texas, takes office as a Unionist Gov of TX
Houston, Sam 1860 Const Union candidate for pres
Houston, Sam 1860 Refuses to endorse any nominee for president, even John Bell
Houston, Sam 1860 Gives speeches in TX opposing secession after Lincoln's victory
Houston, Sam 1861 Upon TX secession, tries to get TX to revert back to an independent nation, rather than join CSA
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Just now, OrangeP47 said:

I'm going to say favorable, but it's more of a "well at least he's not worse" sort of favorable vote.  I mean yes, there are a lot of good things, but also a lot of eww too.

I guess I'm saying it's an example of "I'd take an ally as opposed to an enemy", but probably would avoid him where possible.

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