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Favorable or Unfavorable #431: Louis Howe


Favorable or Unfavorable #431: Louis Howe  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #431: Louis Howe

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Louis Howe is one of the men who "made" FDR, along with James Farley, later joined by Harry Hopkins. Hower felt like he could make anyone president. If you've ever seen what he looks like, he looks like a guy that chainsmoke cigarettes all day in a horseracing den. 

His actions:

Howe, Louis 1910 Becomes advisor and campaign manager for rising star FDR
Howe, Louis 1914 Manages FDR's failed US Sen campaign
Howe, Louis 1920 Manages FDR's VP campaign
Howe, Louis 1921 FDR's public representative as FDR is hit with polio
Howe, Louis 1924 Orchestrates FDR's return to politics w/ "Happy Warrior" 1924 Dem Conv speech
Howe, Louis 1928 A lead role in FDR's Gov of NY campaign
Howe, Louis 1932 Lead strategist for FDR's landslide victory for pres
Howe, Louis 1932 Tells Eleanor Roosevelt that he could make her president in 10 years.
Howe, Louis 1933 Appt FDR's Secretary (precursor to WH Chief of Staff), living in the White House
Howe, Louis 1933 Major role in New Deal programs
Howe, Louis 1934 Health seriously declines but is kept as secretary by FDR; staff ordered to listen to Howe's orders but check in w/ FDR (Howe dies in 1936).
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