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Favorable or Unfavorable #436: Cordell Hull


Favorable or Unfavorable #436: Cordell Hull  

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Cordell Hull (TN-D) is the longest serving Sec of State, serving for all but one year of FDR's presidency. He or Hamilton or Seward served during the most difficult time for a Sec of State. His legacy is somewhat tarnished by likely antisemitism. It is estimated that at least 200 of the 900 Jewish people on one of the ships he sent back to Europe died in concentration camps. We don't know the exact totals overall. 

Regarding 1943, Sumner Welles was his longtime #2 who frequently was at odds with Hull's policies. 

His actions:

Hull, Cordell 1913 drafts income tax provision
Hull, Cordell 1923 Role in income tax law
Hull, Cordell 1926 Role in inheritance tax law
Hull, Cordell 1928 Dem Pres cand
Hull, Cordell 1932 leader of prohibitionists at Dem convention
Hull, Cordell 1933 Confirmed Sec of State for FDR
Hull, Cordell 1933 Role in Good Neighbor Policy, ultimately keeping Nazi influence out of Mexico
Hull, Cordell 1939 Convinces FDR to reject a ship carrying over 900 Jewish refugees from Germany, sending the ship back
Hull, Cordell 1940 Support for Pres at Dem Conv but puts no effort into it
Hull, Cordell 1940 Continues policy of thwarting Jewish refugees in to the US; although, Eleanor Roosevelt helps some via loopholes
Hull, Cordell 1943 Takes own inter-department rival Sumner Welles by threatening to expose his homosexuality
Hull, Cordell 1943 Attends Moscow Conference
Hull, Cordell 1943 Vital role in drafting plan for the United Nations
Hull, Cordell 1944 Retires b/c failing health, after 11 yrs as Sec of State
Hull, Cordell 1945 Earns Nobel Peace Prize for work toward United Nations
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