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Favorable or Unfavorable #437: Hubert Humphrey


Favorable or Unfavorable #437: Hubert Humphrey  

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VP Hubert Humphrey (MN-D) is probably one of the most influential Democrats of the 20th century. His service from 1944-1964 is quite stellar from a liberal-to-Progressive standpoint. Unfortunately, his reputation today focuses more on 1965-1973 when he was seen as a tool of the establishment. He basically went from an Elizabeth Warren progressive icon to a Diane Feinstein, liberal "hack" (from a progressive point of view).

Humphrey should be given credit for Medicare, Medicaid, and inspiration for Obamacare. He should get credit for most Civil Rights and Voting Rights bills of his time. He was usually a decade or so ahead of his time. 

As VP, he attempted to be his own mad, but LBJ isolated him from his inner circle because of it, risking Humphrey's political future as LBJ remained popular at this time. Humphrey atoned by becoming a mouth-piece for LBJ, throwing out any independence and courage he seemed to have for most of his career. Once LBJ dropped out of the 1968 presidential election, Humphrey was seen as basically LBJ's 2nd term, and won the nomination without really taking part in the primaries, which sort of solidified him as an establishment figure. 

His actions:

Humphrey, Hubert H 1944 Helps found MN Dem-Farmer Labor Party
Humphrey, Hubert H 1947 co-founds Americans for Democratic Action
Humphrey, Hubert H 1948 Role in getting end of racial segregation into Dem Platform, enraging the South
Humphrey, Hubert H 1949 tries to kill Sen. Byrd's committee
Humphrey, Hubert H 1949 Proposes Medicare for elderly
Humphrey, Hubert H 1952 Dem Pres Cand at age 41
Humphrey, Hubert H 1954 Proposes bill to make membership in Communist Party a felony
Humphrey, Hubert H 1954 Proposes Food for Peace Program
Humphrey, Hubert H 1955 hatches many legislative proposals
Humphrey, Hubert H 1956 His Minnesota DFL org backs Stevenson
Humphrey, Hubert H 1956 Strong Dem VP cand
Humphrey, Hubert H 1960 Dem Pres Cand
Humphrey, Hubert H 1960 proposes Peace Corps
Humphrey, Hubert H 1963 manages civil rights bill in Senate, becoming lead author of CR Act of 1964
Humphrey, Hubert H 1964 VP on LBJ's winning ticket
Humphrey, Hubert H 1964 manages MS conflict at Dem convention
Humphrey, Hubert H 1965 Isolated by LBJ for criticism of Vietnam War; Humphrey is allowed back in only when he supports LBJ's policy
Humphrey, Hubert H 1968 Dem pres nom, despite no real support in primaries
Humphrey, Hubert H 1972 candidate for Dem pres nom
Humphrey, Hubert H 1972 Declines McGovern offer to be VP
Humphrey, Hubert H 1976 Declines to run for pres despite early polling as a frontrunner once Ted Kennedy declined to run
Humphrey, Hubert H 1976 Urges Mondale to run for pres
Humphrey, Hubert H 1976 Loses bid for Maj Ldr for Dems to Sen Robert Byrd
Humphrey, Hubert H 1977 Humphrey-Hawkins full employment bill
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