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Favorable or Unfavorable #439: Robert M T Hunter


Favorable or Unfavorable #439: Robert M T Hunter  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #439: Robert M T Hunter

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Robert M T Hunter of VA might be the last major VA politician before the Civil War. He doesn't follow the line of Jefferson-Madison-Monroe. His lineague is probably more of John Randolph, who thought those three were too moderate.

His actions:

Hunter, Robert M.T. 1839 Elected Speaker of the US House as States Rights Whig at age 30
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1844 Switches from Whig to Dem
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1850 Senate Finance Committee Chair. Served 11 years, including leading up to the CW.
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1850 Defiant speech hinting at disunion
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1853 Role in Coinage Act of 1853
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1854 Part of Congress junto that hooked Pierce to KS-NE Act
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1857 Introduces the revised version of the Tariff of 1857
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1860 Dem candidate for pres
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1860 Southern member of Committee of 13
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1861 Expelled from US Sen for supporting secession, becoming CSA Sec of State and then Sen; briefly considered for CSA Pres in 1861
Hunter, Robert M.T. 1874 Fmr high-ranking CSA politician defeated in US Sen bid
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