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Favorable or Unfavorable #442: Harold Ickes


Favorable or Unfavorable #442: Harold Ickes  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #442: Harold Ickes

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Harold Ickes of IL was arguably FDR's top domestic policy advisor. He was a top Illinois Progressive Republican, but never held elective office. While supporting FDR and Truman, he doesn't seem to have become a Democrat. Ickes pushed to allow Jewish refugees to immigrate to the US en masse amid Nazi Germany and WWII, but he was opposed by Sec of State Cordell Hull. 

His name:

Ickes, Harold 1912 Backs TR's Prog 3rd party bid
Ickes, Harold 1916 Backs Hughes over Wilson
Ickes, Harold 1920 Backs Prog Rep Hiram Johnson for GOP nom
Ickes, Harold 1924 Backs Prog Rep Hiram Johnson for GOP nom again
Ickes, Harold 1933 Prog Rep confirmed Sec of Interior for FDR on Hiram Johnson's recommendation, and arguably becomes most important domestic advisor;
Ickes, Harold 1933 Ends segregation in Interior Department and at National Parks
Ickes, Harold 1935 Heads PWA while as Sec of Interior
Ickes, Harold 1938 Proposes making Alaska a safe haven for Jewish refugees escaping Nazi Germany
Ickes, Harold 1940 Role in removing Woodring
Ickes, Harold 1942 appt High Commish of the Philippines, while staying on as Sec of Interior
Ickes, Harold 1946 Interferes in Truman's selection of Sec of Navy
Ickes, Harold 1946 Resigns as tensions w/ Truman escalate; served approx 13 years as sec of interior
Ickes, Harold 1949 Opposes Clark SC nom
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