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Favorable or Unfavorable #443: Daniel Inouye


Favorable or Unfavorable #443: Daniel Inouye  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #443: Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye (HI-D) might be the most influential legislator in HI history. 

His actions:

Inouye, Daniel 1959 1st US Rep for HI
Inouye, Daniel 1968 LBJ's preferred choice for Humphrey's VP, but Humphrey ignores LBJ's urgings
Inouye, Daniel 1968 Keynote speaker at Dem Conv
Inouye, Daniel 1973 Member of Sen Watergate Committee, which disbands in 1974
Inouye, Daniel 1976 First Senate Intelligence Committee Chair
Inouye, Daniel 1979 Role in Taiwan Relections Act
Inouye, Daniel 1987 co-chair of Iran-Contra hearings
Inouye, Daniel 1992 Faces sexual misconduct allegation, but it goes nowhere (more stories emerge after his death)
Inouye, Daniel 1993 Votes against NAFTA
Inouye, Daniel 2002 Votes w/ minority who oppose US going to war w/ Iraq
Inouye, Daniel 2012 Dies in office, having been a US Sen for 58 years
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28 minutes ago, vcczar said:

Favorable, if not for the allegations. I also don't like people who hold on to power for too long, generally.

Yeah, I feel as if a lot of the info with that is too late to be known, but if true I'd swing unfavorable.  I feel as if he lived a bit longer (which to be fair is just timeline musing) more might have come out with the current climate and it would have stuck more in the news cycle to be investigated.  As it is, I think most people (myself included) are mostly unaware in his case.

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