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Favorable or Unfavorable #444: Andrew Jackson


Favorable or Unfavorable #444: Andrew Jackson  

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Pres. Andrew Jackson (TN-D) was for a long time considered a top president, but as we've become more empathetic and humanitarian over time, his ranking has dropped considerably. Nevertheless, Jackson is a top 10 most influential president, regardless of how one values that influence. 

His actions:

Jackson, Andrew 1796 Delegate to TN Const Conv at age 27 and is elected US Rep soon after
Jackson, Andrew 1796 Strongly anti-British politician opposes Jay Treaty
Jackson, Andrew 1806 Reputation tarnished for awhile when he kills an attorney in a duel (Jackson is hit in the chest but lives)
Jackson, Andrew 1806 Involved in Burr's conspiracy in initial stages, hosting Burr and providing boats, but backs away from it later on
Jackson, Andrew 1807 Arguably helps save Burr at treason trial by shifting blame towards Gen James Wilkinson during testimony
Jackson, Andrew 1813 Maj Gen of TN militia finally called up to fight in War of 1812
Jackson, Andrew 1813 Refuses Sec of War Armstrong's order to disband troops
Jackson, Andrew 1813 Nearly killed when shot in the shoulder during street brawl
Jackson, Andrew 1813 Defeats Red Stick Creeks at Talladega
Jackson, Andrew 1814 Made Brig Gen in US Army and later Brevet Maj Gen
Jackson, Andrew 1814 Decisive victory at Horseshoe Bend ends Creek War
Jackson, Andrew 1815 Victory at New Orleans is a moral victory as war had officially ended prior
Jackson, Andrew 1815 More or less a Southern warlord, commanding army in sparsely populated Deep South with little oversight
Jackson, Andrew 1816 Begins displacing native tribes in the South and taking their land unilaterally
Jackson, Andrew 1818 Sent to GA/Spanish Florida border and soon escalates the 1st Seminole War by unilaterally invasing Spanish Florida
Jackson, Andrew 1818 Controversial executes two British subjects aiding Seminoles; Calhoun wanted him punished, but defended by JQ Adams
Jackson, Andrew 1819 His generalship is abolished due to Panic of 1819
Jackson, Andrew 1820 enslaving over 100 black people at this point, and the number will grow throughout his life
Jackson, Andrew 1821 appt 1st Terr Gov of FL by Monroe
Jackson, Andrew 1824 Loses contested 1824 election despite leading in PV; initially only a spoiler candidate who rapidly gained support
Jackson, Andrew 1824 Declines Adams offer to be VP if Jackson drops out of pres election
Jackson, Andrew 1825 Declines Adams offer of Sec of War
Jackson, Andrew 1825 Emerges as the figurehead of the anti-Adams coalition
Jackson, Andrew 1828 Wins pres election in landslide, becoming the 1st Dem pres
Jackson, Andrew 1829 Populist inauguration sees WH get trashed
Jackson, Andrew 1829 Proposes Indian Removal
Jackson, Andrew 1829 Initiates the Spoils System and Rotation in Office
Jackson, Andrew 1829 Nominates McLean to the SC
Jackson, Andrew 1830 Nominates Baldwin to the SC
Jackson, Andrew 1830 Signs Indian Removal Act
Jackson, Andrew 1830 Calls for abolishing the US Bank
Jackson, Andrew 1830 Vetoes Maysville Rd bill
Jackson, Andrew 1831 Accepts mass cab resignations (Van Buren, Ingham, Eaton, Berrian, Branch), following Petticoat Affair
Jackson, Andrew 1832 Signs Tariff of 1832
Jackson, Andrew 1832 Wins reelection
Jackson, Andrew 1832 Vetoes recharter of 2nd US Bank
Jackson, Andrew 1832 Orders Winfield Scott to prepare for potential invasion of SC
Jackson, Andrew 1832 Responds to South Carolina during Nulification Crisis w/ threat of invasion
Jackson, Andrew 1832 Sees his VP (Calhoun) resign over ideological differences
Jackson, Andrew 1833 Issues order to withdraw deposits from US Bank to put in pet banks
Jackson, Andrew 1833 Calls on Congress to pass a Force Bill to use against South Carolina, which it does
Jackson, Andrew 1833 Signs Compromise Tariff of 1833, diffusing Nullification Crisis
Jackson, Andrew 1834 Censured by the US Senate for defunding US Bank
Jackson, Andrew 1834 Survives assassination attempt
Jackson, Andrew 1835 Manipulates Convention so as to ensure Van Buren's nomination
Jackson, Andrew 1835? Calls on Congress to pass a bill to restrict abolitionist material sent via the postal service
Jackson, Andrew 1835 Nominates Wayne to the SC
Jackson, Andrew 1836 Nominates Barbour to the SC
Jackson, Andrew 1836 Nominates Taney as ChJ of the SC
Jackson, Andrew 1836 Issues Specie Circular, which likely caused Panic of 1837
Jackson, Andrew 1836 Presides as AR gains statehood
Jackson, Andrew 1837 Presides as MI gains statehood
Jackson, Andrew 1837 Signs 8th and 9th Circuit Acts
Jackson, Andrew 1837 Recognizes TX independence following 1836 election; had been hesitent prior
Jackson, Andrew 1837 Now as Fmr Pres supports idea of Indep Treasury
Jackson, Andrew 1844 Initially supports Van Buren for pres, but uses his influence to get protege Polk as compromise nominee at Dem Conv
Jackson, Andrew 1845 Insists that Polk remove all of Tyler's cabinet members
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