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Favorable or Unfavorable #445: Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson


Favorable or Unfavorable #445: Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson  

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Scoop Jackson (WA-D) is considered the main influencer for the Bush-era "neocons," despite being a Democrat. Typically, 1981 is given as the year when neocons became Republicans, but you have Cheney and Rumsfeld as having never been Democrats, so some were always GOP. 

As I see it. Democrats were definitely more neocon than the GOP until Nixon's first term. This all makes sense as liberals were switching to the Democrats in support of LBJ's Great Society/Civil Rights and conservatives were leaving Democrats for these reasons. Neocons tended to support LBJ's domestic policy, but the issue for them was that the party now was liberal dominant--both in domestic and foreign policy. For instance, McGovern, arguably the biggest dove to be a nominee was a nominee in 1972. LBJ's Vietnam War gave the anti-war Democrats a lot more political leverage and attention. Carter's foreign policy, while not completely peaceful, was relatively non-aggressive compared to predecessors, although Ford's detente seems milder on Russia than Carter to me. Reagan was the type of president and policy that the Neocons wanted as they no longer had a place in their own party, and Ford hadn't done enough to win them quite over. 

Domestically, Jackson was also one of the lead influences on pro-environment and pro-Civil Rights policy. This gets overlooked because of the Bush Wars. 

His actions:

Jackson, Henry M 1942 Supports Japanese internment camps and restricting Japanese-Americans from returning to West Coast
Jackson, Henry M 1957 Notable reaction to Sputnik plays role in excelleration of Space Race
Jackson, Henry M 1960 JFK's 1st choice for VP but realizes needs a Southerner instead
Jackson, Henry M 1963 Chairs Sen Comm on Energy and Environment untll 1981 (18 years)
Jackson, Henry M 1963 adds reservations to USSR treaty
Jackson, Henry M 1968 Gives notable Civil Rights speech after MLK assassination
Jackson, Henry M 1968 opposes more troops for Vietnam, although is strongly in support of the war from the beginning
Jackson, Henry M 1970 Authors National Environment Policy Act
Jackson, Henry M 1971 co-leads drive for SuperSonic Transport
Jackson, Henry M 1972 adds proviso to SALT treaty
Jackson, Henry M 1972 candidate for Dem pres nom
Jackson, Henry M 1973 Co-sponsor of Jackson-Vanik Amdt against Russian exit tax on Jews
Jackson, Henry M 1974 leading critic of Nixon energy plan
Jackson, Henry M 1974 Opposes Detente and blocks Ford's attempts at detente with USSR
Jackson, Henry M 1976 candidate for Dem pres nom
Jackson, Henry M 1977 fights against Warnke as arms controller
Jackson, Henry M 1979 opposes SALT treaty
Jackson, Henry M 1981 several Jackson aides and supporters, disillusioned by Carter, switch to GOP w/ Reagan (neocons)
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I almost voted favorable because of domestic policy, but his foreign policy likely led to policy resulting in unnecessary deaths, whether considered or not. Few wars that occur are justifiable when considering innocent casualties. While I think WWII was a justifiable war his support for Japanese internment camps is bad, but the idea that he wanted to keep Japanese-Americans from returning to the West Coast goes against his Civil Rights persona of the 1950s and 1960s. 

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