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Favorable or Unfavorable #446: Jesse Jackson


Favorable or Unfavorable #446: Jesse Jackson  

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Celebrated civil rights leader Jesse Jackson (DC-D) was the first black politician that had any serious shot at winning the presidency. 

I was too young to remember his 1984 run, but his 1988 convention speech is probably the first time I ever paid attention to a political speech. I was probably reading a book on the Civil War or a football or baseball magazine. I remember looking up and my eyes were fixed to the TV for the whole speech. I had zero interest in politics at the time. It just happened to be on the TV. Since then, he seems to give a variation of the same speech at just about every Convention thereafter. 

His actions:

Jackson, Jesse 1968 A young major civil rights leader present when MLK was assassinated
Jackson, Jesse 1984 Organizes the Rainbow Coalition into a political platform -- anti-racist, multicultural, working class progressivism
Jackson, Jesse 1984 Dem pres cand, coming in 3rd place
Jackson, Jesse 1988 Dem pres cand, coming in a strong 2nd for the nom
Jackson, Jesse 1988 Delivers Keep Hope Alive speech, which arguably overshadows Dukakis at Dem Conv
Jackson, Jesse 1988 Expects to be VP on Dukakis ticket, but many are shocked when Dukakis goes with Bentsen.
Jackson, Jesse 1991 Shadow delegate for DC in the US Senate until 1997
Jackson, Jesse 1992 Declines to run for pres; reluctantly backs Clinton in general
Jackson, Jesse 2000 Declines to run for pres
Jackson, Jesse 2001 Claims to have been invited by the Taliban to lead peace negotiations
Jackson, Jesse 2008 Early Obama backer later criticizes him for "acting like he's white."
Jackson, Jesse 2016 Declines to endorse Clinton or Sanders in primary b/c he is close to both of them
Jackson, Jesse 2020 Endorses Sanders over Biden in Dem primary
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