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Favorable or Unfavorable #447: Robert H Jackson


Favorable or Unfavorable #447: Robert H Jackson  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #447: Robert H Jackson

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SC Justice Robert H Jackson is a rare SC Justice who is also an international figure in history. He was one of many liberal justices appointed by FDR, although more moderate than many of them. He somehow became a lawyer, US Solicitor General, Attorney General, and a SC Justice without a law degree. His rise is entirely due to FDR, who first made him part of the legal counsel for the IRS in 1934. Jackson was a leading lawyer in NY, so the connection helps. 

In 1940, FDR was considering several people as a possible successor. His first choice, Harry Hopkins was diagnosed with cancer, so Jackson was considered as a good 2nd or 3rd choice. Much of Jackson's actions are FDR trying to raise Jackson's profile. 

His actions:

Jackson, Robert H 1938 Pushed by FDR to run for Gov of NY but opts to aid FDR instead
Jackson, Robert H 1940 Confirmed Att Gen
Jackson, Robert H 1940 Considered by FDR as his possible successor
Jackson, Robert H 1941 Confirmed to the SC for FDR; resigns as Att Gen; last SC Justice w/o law degree
Jackson, Robert H 1944 Dissents in Korematsu v US, which upheld constitutionality of Japanese internment camps
Jackson, Robert H 1945 Major role in the Nuremberg Trials, while staying on as a SC Justice (trials last until 1946)
Jackson, Robert H 1954 Dies in office suddenly of a heart attack
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This was closer for me than most. I especially respect his majority opinion in Barnette, which has been instrumental in the Supreme Court's compelled speech jurisprudence. His Korematsu (later vindicated in Trump v Hawaii) and Youngstown opinions are also extremely notable.

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