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Favorable or Unfavorable #449: John Jay


Favorable or Unfavorable #449: John Jay  

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John Jay (NY-F) was one of the leading Federalists during his day. His abrupt retirement in 1801 really crippled the Federalists. By then, Hamilton had damaged himself so much that he wasn't very viable nationally. The combination of this left the two Pinckney Brothers of SC as the best candidates for their party. Rufus King was probably the most viable Northerner, but he was something of an early abolitionist (as was Jay actually, but less vocal vocal until retirement), and couldn't expect national reach. Fisher Ames of MA was ill and almost dead by 1801, despite being fairly young. 

Not captured in the actions below because it predates the Federal Government under the Constitution is that Jay served as president of the Continental Congress, Secretary of Foreign Affairs (called State under the Constitution), and was an author of the Federalist Papers (although less so than Hamilton and Madison). 

John Jay's 6 years as Gov of NY is noticable because it interrupts George Clinton's reign as Gov of NY (1777-1795; 1801-1804). 

His actions:

Jay, John 1788 Candidate for Pres considered alternative VP choice from Adams
Jay, John 1789 Declines Sec of State offer, but serves as a sort of acting Sec of State until Jefferson returns from France
Jay, John 1789 Confirmed as 1st Chief Justice of the SC for Washington
Jay, John 1793 Presides over Chisholm v. Georgia, the first significant SC case
Jay, John 1794 Negotiates and signs the Jay Treaty w/ GB, while still serving as CHJ of the SC; inadvertedly becomes partisan figure w/ his effigy burning by opponents of the Treaty
Jay, John 1795 Resigns as Chief Justice to become Gov of NY
Jay, John 1796 Refuses Hamilton's plan to gerrymander NY for Federalists
Jay, John 1796 Wins 6 EVs in pres election
Jay, John 1800 Refuses Hamilton's insistence that NY void pres election votes in the state
Jay, John 1800 Declines offer by Adams to become Chief Justice again
Jay, John 1800 Wins 1 EV in pres election
Jay, John 1800 Declines pressure to run for reelection as Gov of NY; opts to retire depriving Federalists of a major political figure
Jay, John 1819 Comes out of retirement to condemn MO's plan to come into the Union as a slave state
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Not really a comment on anything RE: favorable/unfavorable, but it always surprises me how long he lived after retiring basically.  Maybe not "mechanically" as it's not a case like Carter where he's living forever, but like, he's not dead despite having not been relevant in so long.  I guess Bob Dole is kinda the same way for our generation, as are many of the pre-Clinton 80s dems who flamed out.

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