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Favorable or Unfavorable #451: Jim Jeffords


Favorable or Unfavorable #451: Jim Jeffords  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #451: Jim Jeffords

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Jim Jeffords of VT is a candidate for being a last Rockefeller Republican. He was basically a Democrat well before leaving the GOP. He is best known for having left the GOP to caucus with the Democrats as an Independent, which saw control of the US Senate flip away from the GOP. Jeffords would not seek reelection and would also be replaced by a Democrat caucusing Independent (Bernie Sanders). 

His actions:

Jeffords, Jim 1980 Backs Anderson in GOP primary
Jeffords, Jim 1981 Only GOPer to oppose Reagan tax cuts
Jeffords, Jim 1991 One of two Republican Senators to vote against Thomas conf.
Jeffords, Jim 1993 GOPer supporting Clinton's healthcare plan (Hillarycare)
Jeffords, Jim 1998 Votes against convicting Clinton
Jeffords, Jim 1999 Influential Senate Health Committee Chair. Served as the Labor Committee became a committee focused mostly on Health. First chair under the new name
Jeffords, Jim 1999 One of 5 GOPers to vote to acquit Clinton during impeachment trial
Jeffords, Jim 1999 One of 4 GOPers to vote for Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Jeffords, Jim 2001 Leaves the GOP to become an Ind caucusing with Dems, switching control of the US Senate
Jeffords, Jim 2002 Joines the minority in opposing the resolution to use military force in Iraq
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