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Favorable or Unfavorable #453: William E Jenner


Favorable or Unfavorable #453: William E Jenner  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #453: William E Jenner

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William E Jenner (IN-R) is a precursor to MAGA. I once read a book that suggested that McCarthy and his allies, such as Jenner, are the origin of anti-intellectualism as a major force in US politics. The author died decades before MAGA, but had he lived to be over 100 years old and was still sharp-minded, he would have come out with a second addition, tying them to the MAGA, which currently infects the GOP. Until Trump, there'd never been a major US Party led by anti-intellectuals. Jenner, along with McCarthy and some others, is one of the godfathers for that movement, according to some.

His actions:

Jenner, William E 1949 Opposes NATO
Jenner, William E 1949 opposes Minton appt to SC
Jenner, William E 1950 an emerging McCarthyite leader
Jenner, William E 1950 says Gen. Marshall is front man for traitors and Communist appeasers;also blames Pearl Harbor on Marshall
Jenner, William E 1951 Calls for Truman impeachment after MacArthur is sacked; argues Soviet agents are running the WH
Jenner, William E 1952 Claims the United Nations has infiltrated the US education system
Jenner, William E 1954 Calls the censure of McCarthy a communist conspiracy
Jenner, William E 1958 Introduces bill to strip US Supreme Court from interfearing in cases involving anticommunism; LBJ maneuvers bill out of sight
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