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Favorable or Unfavorable #454: Marshall Jewell


Favorable or Unfavorable #454: Marshall Jewell  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #454: Marshall Jewell

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Marshall Jewell (CT-R) was known as the "Porcelein Man" because his skin and hair were about equally as white. Not captured in the actions below is that he was twice Gov of CT when it was standard to have 1 and 2-year terms instead of 4. 

Jewell was one of many reformists that Grant brought in to make the anti-Conkling GOPers happy, although Grant soon regretted it because they were so ethical and efficient in rooting out Grant admin corruption that Grant felt it was damaning his reputation and that of the part as a whole. As such, he forced Jewell and other (including Bristow who was the highest profile reformer in the admin) out. Both Jewell and Bristow were pres cands for the 1876 GOP convention, but Grant used all of his influence to make sure anyone who was an energetic reformer didn't get the nomination, so ultimately Hayes got the nominee because he seemed establishment without being offensive to reformers. As a bone to reformers, Jewell was eventually made chairman of the GOP. 

His actions:

Jewell, Marshall 1873 Appt Amb to Russia by Grant
Jewell, Marshall 1874 Confirmed as PM Gen for Grant
Jewell, Marshall 1876 Compelled to resign due to Grant's belief he was too close to other reformer Bristow
Jewell, Marshall 1876 Rep pres cand and a VP cand
Jewell, Marshall 1880 As chairman of the GOP arguably plays a role in getting Garfield as compromise nom at GOP Conv
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