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French Revolution/Napoleonic Game Signup


French Revolution/Napoleonic Game Signup  

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  1. 1. Did you read my 1st post?

  2. 2. If you are interested in playtesting this game, which faction are you the most interesting in playtesting as?

    • I am not interested in playtesting
    • Royalists -- I want to keep the Bourbon's on the throne or restore them to the throne.
    • Moderates -- I want moderate reform -- a weak, constitutional monarch and a strong legsilature representing the people.
    • Liberal -- I was radical reform -- abolish the monarchy and set up a system more similar to America -- a nation run by the people!
    • Unaligned #1 or Unaligned #2 -- I'd rather influence events as a temporary ally of one of these above groups and possibly snag control of France when no one is watching.

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I'm now doing the signup for the 1st playtest of this game. The first playtest will be simple and more linear than later versions will be. It is possible we will playtest only the year 1789 before I make improvements and we start all over again. 

For now, there are only 5 factions:

  • Royalists. 
    • This is the faction of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette.
  • Moderates.
    • This is the faction of the Marquis de Lafayette, the Abbe Sieyes, and Jean Bailly. 
  • Liberals. 
    • This is the faction of Camille Desmoulins and Jean Paul Marat who want radical reform. 
  • Unaligned #1
    • These are politicians that aren't so ideological and are more likely to do whatever they can to increase their power or to stay alive. The Comte de Mirabeau is an example of this type. 
  • Unaligned #2 
    • Another example of unaligned figures are military figures, who may not really be that political at all. Napoleon Bonaparte, for example, was a Jacobin early on, but he never really stayed from being a moderate. His only real ideology was to be personally in charge or at least autonomous.
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I'll throw my hat in if you absolutely need someone else, as I feel my time is at a premium lately (trying to get lots of medical things taken care of on top of busy period at work), but French Revolution is in my wheelhouse.  I picked Royalists just for something different than my own ideology, as while I'm probably the biggest anti-monarchist around, I do find the trappings of monarchy interesting on an aesthetic level (as evident by my huge number of hours in crusader kings)

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