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Favorable or Unfavorable #460: Mike Johnson


Favorable or Unfavorable #460: Mike Johnson  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #460: Mike Johnson

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Speaker Mike Johnson (LA-R) was kind of unknown when he was suddenly a candidate for Speaker recently. However, he had a big following among Christian Right organizations, some which he helped found.

In fact, a lot of the details makes him one of the most interesting, if not weirdest Speakers. He's put a lot (a LOT) of energy in his pre-Congressional career in working to restrict rights or working to prevent expanded rights for LGBT people. Also odd is that he thinks the Earth is only a few thousand years old, he doesn't believe in evolution, he's part of the purity movement (focusing on young people wearing abstinance rings to ward off premarital sex), and was at least once part of a movement advocating for a new US Constitution that would be Christian Right-based. 

His actions:

Johnson, Mike 2016 Rising GOPer advocates "Convention of States" movement to replace current US Constitution for a more Christian Right-oriented one
Johnson, Mike 2017 New Christrian Right pol, and advocate of sodomy laws, enters US House
Johnson, Mike 2019 Joins Trump's legal team during Trump's 1st impeachment
Johnson, Mike 2020 Rising GOP leader encourages overturning 2020 election
Johnson, Mike 2021 Joins Trump's legal team again for Trump's 2nd impeachment
Johnson, Mike 2022 Mentioned as alternative to Speaker McCarthy
Johnson, Mike 2022 introduces bill to prohibit federal funding from institutions that promote LGBT+ issues
Johnson, Mike 2023 Elected Speaker after 2 week battle to replace evicted fellow-GOPer McCarthy
Johnson, Mike 2023 Speaker in the minority in bipartisan vote to remove Rep Santos from the US Congress
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Personally, I think it's absurd that someone this mentally ill is Speaker of the House. His obsession with LGBT people and his attachment to the purity movement makes me wonder if he is actually closeted gay or bi. That ends up being the case with a lot of people like that. There was a time when the most powerful Christians were also philosophers, scientists, and intellectuals, and now the ones that get all of the attention are willfully or actually ignorant. It's really sad. I know there are a lot of exceptions, but I wish they were the ones these powerful organizations preferred and the ones that won seats. Let's get some tolerant, pro-science, pro-higher education Christians. There is a Christian Left, but they don't focus as much on politics. They tend to be more about faith than politics, and they're quieter. 

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The strangest thing to me about him was when he said his phone has this website tracker, that’s accessible to both him and his son; to “keep each other honest” about uhh, websites involving sexy stuff. 

I don’t care how a parent goes about approaching that concerning how to raise their family… it’s their right. But A. That’s not something the world needs to know, at all really. B. What application is viewing the browser history of the now Speaker of the House? 

So not only is it strange, it’s a security risk in my view. 

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