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Favorable or Unfavorable #461: Reverdy Johnson


Favorable or Unfavorable #461: Reverdy Johnson  

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Reverdy Johnson of MD is one of the most influential Whigs that became a pro-union Democrat. He's also significant for being a high profile defense attorney during some historically significant cases.

His actions:

Johnson, Reverdy 1849 Confirmed Att Gen for Taylor
Johnson, Reverdy 1850 Resigns as Att Gen when Fillmore takes over
Johnson, Reverdy 1857 Defense attorney in notorious Dred Scott case, helping lead to the notorious ruling
Johnson, Reverdy 1860 Fmr Whig switches to the Democrats, rather than the GOP as his party dissolves
Johnson, Reverdy 1860 Backs Douglas for pres
Johnson, Reverdy 1861 Pro-Union Dem works to keep MD in the Union
Johnson, Reverdy 1861 Member of the Peace Commish to try and avert a Civil War
Johnson, Reverdy 1863 Defense attorney for Gen Fitz-John Porter's court martial
Johnson, Reverdy 1864 Democrat now favoring abolishing slavery
Johnson, Reverdy 1865 Defense attorney for Mary Surratt, one of the alleged Lincoln assassination co-conspirators
Johnson, Reverdy 1866 Votes against 14th Amendment
Johnson, Reverdy 1867 only Dem to support any Reconstruction measures, when supporting Reconstruction Act of 1867
Johnson, Reverdy 1868 Appt Amb to UK by Johnson
Johnson, Reverdy 1871 From this year on, begins working as a defense attorney for KKK members prosecuted under the KKK Act
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17 minutes ago, Arkansas Progressive said:

Being Defense Attorney for Dred Scott outweighs his role in backing the Union and supporting Reconstruction.

he didn't really support Reconstruction. He supported only 1 or 2 pro-reconstruction laws. 

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