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Favorable or Unfavorable #463: Ron Johnson


Favorable or Unfavorable #463: Ron Johnson  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #463: Ron Johnson

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Ron Johnson (Wi-R) was one of the many Tea party-backed GOPers who won during the wave against Obamacare, which is now a government program more popular than not. Since his first election, he's performed worse in every following election, which is unusual for an incumbent that keeps winning. His greatest success for conservatives and any anti-progressive moderates is that he defeated Russ Feingold who was the closest thing to a Bernie Sanders in the US Senate at the time. Feingold was arguably the last LaFollette Wisconsin Progressive.

His actions:

Johnson, Ron 2010 Notable anti-Obamacare pol enters US Sen with Tea Party backing, defeating influential incumbent Feingold
Johnson, Ron 2010 Calls theory of human-caused climate change as 'lunacy," and becomes a leading climate denier for his entire career
Johnson, Ron 2016 Defeats Feingold in rematch but by much narrower margin
Johnson, Ron 2017 Argues Sen McCain voted against Obamacare repeal only because he has a brain tumor
Johnson, Ron 2019 Backs Trump's controversial attempt to get foreign nations (China and Ukraine) to investigate Joe Biden
Johnson, Ron 2020 One of only 8 US Sen to vote against bipartisan COVID Response Act
Johnson, Ron 2020 promotes Trump's discredited claim of a stolen election
Johnson, Ron 2021 Argues white supremacist belief that Democrats and immigrants are trying to replace white people with nonwhite people
Johnson, Ron 2021 Argues FBI was in on Jan 6th insurrection and possibly purposely agitated Trump's supporters
Johnson, Ron 2021 Notable anti-vaxxer, promoting discredited theories on COVID vaccines; recommends mouthwash as alternative
Johnson, Ron 2022 After initially supporting Respect for Marriage Act to codify same-sex marriage, reverses and votes no
Johnson, Ron 2022 Argues Social Security and Medicare should be subject to spending cuts to lower the debt
Johnson, Ron 2022 wins reelection by only 1% to Mandela Barnes
Johnson, Ron 2023 A leader in the Hunter Biden investigation
Johnson, Ron 2023 GOP Sen opposes GOP attempts to impeach Biden
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