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Favorable or Unfavorable #465: William Johnson


Favorable or Unfavorable #465: William Johnson  

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Justice William Johnson of SC is best known as the first Jeffersonian Justice on the Supreme Court, which had been monopolized by Federalists from 1789-1804. Despite this, Johnson starts to side frequently w/ Federalist Chief Justice John Marshall, much to the chagrin of Jefferson, who would brake off correspondence with him. 

His actions:

Johnson, William 1804 Confirmed to the SC for Jefferson despite being only 32 yrs old; first non-Federalist justice
Johnson, William 1808 Jefferson stops corresponding w/ him after Johnson weakens embargo power w/ Gilchrist v Collector ruling
Johnson, William 1810 Bothers fellow Jeffersonians by siding w/ majority in Fletcher v Peck
Johnson, William 1819 Breaks w/ fellow Jeffersonians by siding w. majority in McCulloch v Maryland
Johnson, William 1824 Surprises some by joining Marshall and majority in Gibbons v Ogden
Johnson, William 1832 Becomes pariah in homestate of SC during Nullification Crisis, as he sides with the Unionist stance
Johnson, William 1834 Dies in office after botched surgery, soon after moving to NYC b/c unpopular in his homestate of SC for often siding w/ Marshall
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