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Favorable or Unfavorable #467: Doug Jones


Favorable or Unfavorable #467: Doug Jones  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #467: Doug Jones

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Doug Jones (AL-D) is going to be remembered as being the one Democratic Senator of AL in the first half of the 21st century. It shows some courage that the people of AL mostly refused to back the controversial GOP nominee. Predictably so, Jones was a one-termer. The state just needed to run any registered Republican who wasn't an alleged child molester to win back the seat, and they did. Nevertheless, Doug Jones has become something of the token Alabamian Democrat, and he's certainly going to be used as a surrogate in the Deep South for some time. Many of his actions are due to him breaking with his party and taking a moderate path. 

His actions:

Jones, Doug 2017 1st Dem US Sen of AL in 20 yrs when wins upset special election victory against controversial Roy Moore
Jones, Doug 2018 Breaks w/ party to support Pompeo as Sec of State
Jones, Doug 2018 Breaks w/ party to support Azar as Sec of Health
Jones, Doug 2018 Opposes bill by Bernie Sanders and fellow Dem Murphy to end support of Saudi-intervention in Yemen
Jones, Doug 2019 One of only 3 Dems to join GOP in voting down Green New Deal in procedural vote
Jones, Doug 2020 Predictably defeated in reelection to GOP Tuberville in landslide as out-of-sinc with state ideology
Jones, Doug 2020 Considered for Att Gen by Biden
Jones, Doug 2022 Advises Biden on Jackson SC nomination
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