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Favorable or Unfavorable #469: Matt Gaetz


Favorable or Unfavorable #469: Matt Gaetz  

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Matt Gaetz (FL-R) is one of the new bread of GOPers, but similar to MTG and Bobert, most of his actions are tied to personality flaws, proposals that don't get a vote, and typically just noise without substance. His one great exception is that he was crucial in getting Speaker McCarthy overthrown and replaced by a more right-wing Mike Johnson. 

Several of his actions are tied to his alleged sex trafficking, drug use, and relations with an underaged person. Since he hasn't been found guilty of any of these as yet, one might want to ignore those actions. However, the number of alleged anecdotes and alleged transcripts of conversations seems extremely worrisome for his case. If you also add that he's routinely voting against legislation to combat human trafficking and sex trafficking (see below), it makes his case look even worse. It's also hard to believe any defense he makes on his part because his actions show that he has a tendancy to just say anything to help his cause (blaming antifa for the insurrection, and then later changing the blame to the FBI instead, etc.), similar to Trump. 

One could arguably like Gaetz's voting record, but he's seriously a terrible person, even if he didn't pay to have sex with a minor.

His actions:

Gaetz, Matt 2016 Initially a backer of Jeb Bush for president, becomes enthusiastic Trump supporter after Bush drops out
Gaetz, Matt 2016 New Far-right US Rep influencer wins election as Trump wins presidency
Gaetz, Matt 2017 Only US Rep to oppose bill to combat human trafficking
Gaetz, Matt 2018 Controversially invites holocaust denier and one-time fundraiser for a neo-nazi group to State of the Union address
Gaetz, Matt 2018 One of only 25 US Reps to oppose bill to combat sex trafficking
Gaetz, Matt 2018 Falsley claims George Soros pays for caravans of migrants to come into the US from Central America
Gaetz, Matt 2019 Hires former Trump speechwriter who was fired for attending a white nationalist conference
Gaetz, Matt 2019 Introduces bill to block federal interference in states with legal marijuana
Gaetz, Matt 2020 Faces several allegations of sex trafficking and sexual relations with a minor (investigation still on-going as of 2024)
Gaetz, Matt 2020 Files ethics complaint direct at Speaker Pelosi for her tearing up her copy of Trump's speech on camera
Gaetz, Matt 2020 Becomes a lead promoter of Trump's discredited claim of election fraud
Gaetz, Matt 2020 Becomes a lead opponent of protesters amid Black Lives Matter protests, following the unjust murder of George Floyd, controversially calling them terrorists
Gaetz, Matt 2021 Pushes for impeachment of HL Sec Mayorkas
Gaetz, Matt 2021 Allegedly requests a pardon from Trump in last weeks of Trump presidency
Gaetz, Matt 2021 Phone call reveals GOP Speaker McCarthy alleges Gaetz as encouraging Jan 6th Insurrection.
Gaetz, Matt 2021 Fasely blames anti-fascists (antifa) for Jan 6th insurrection; later falsely blames the FBI instead
Gaetz, Matt 2021 One of only 21 Reps to vote against giving Congr Gold Medals to police officers defending capitol during Jan 6th insurrection
Gaetz, Matt 2021 Calls on FBI to be defunded while the FBI is investigating him for having sex with a minor and for sex trafficking
Gaetz, Matt 2021 Openly supports White Nationalist "Replacement Theory"
Gaetz, Matt 2021 One of only 14 GOP reps to oppose condemning coup in Myanmar
Gaetz, Matt 2022 One of only 20 US Reps to vote against a bill for victims of human trafficking and sex trafficking
Gaetz, Matt 2023 Discusses w/ Trump on possibly making Trump Speaker amid speakership battle
Gaetz, Matt 2023 Files motion that leads to fellow GOPer Speaker McCarthy's eviction as Speaker
Gaetz, Matt 2023 Surprises some by stating that GOP attempt to impeach Biden is a "political stunt"
Gaetz, Matt 2023 House Ethics Committee steps into investigation of Gaetz's alleged sexual misconduct and also alleged illicit drug use
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