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Favorable or Unfavorable #471: George W Julian


Favorable or Unfavorable #471: George W Julian  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #471: George W Julian

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GW Julian of IN can be said to be one of the earliest progressives. He was way ahead of his time, as you can see below. He's unique in that he was twice a VP nominee for a 3rd party--24 years apart. 

That Indiana had such a strong proto-progressive is not too surprising when you consider that Eugene V Debs was an IN state politician towards the end of Julian's political career. At one point, OH, IN, and WI seemed to have extreme politicians at both ends of the political spectrum. 

His action:

Julian, George W. 1848 Fmr Whig wins US Rep election as Free Soil Party member
Julian, George W. 1852 VP nom for Free Soil ticket at age 35
Julian, George W. 1855 A leader in organizing GOP Party in IN
Julian, George W. 1862 Role in passing Homestead Acts
Julian, George W. 1864 a leading Radical activist
Julian, George W. 1864 presses homestead policy for Southern blacks
Julian, George W. 1864 Pushes for repeal of Fugitive Slave Act
Julian, George W. 1864 Initially support Chase for Pres over Lincoln, but switches to Lincoln
Julian, George W. 1865 Calls for Jefferson Davis to be hanged
Julian, George W. 1867 Early advocate of impeaching Johnson
Julian, George W. 1867 proposes bill to set 8-hour day for federal workers
Julian, George W. 1867 speech calling for tough southern govts
Julian, George W. 1868 Introduces women's suffrage const amendment that doesn't go anywhere
Julian, George W. 1870 Opposes renewal of prewar Southern RR landgrants
Julian, George W. 1872 strong VP nominee for Lib Reps
Julian, George W. 1873 Begins supporting Dem candidates following collapse of Lib Reps but doesn't officially join them until 1884
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