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Favorable or Unfavorable #473: Tim Kaine


Favorable or Unfavorable #473: Tim Kaine  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #473: Tim Kaine

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Tim Kaine (VA-D) will probably be best known for being the 2016 VP nom for the Democrats. He was formerly considered a moderate, but he swerved center-left soon after backing Obama. He's been pretty lowkey of a public figure despite having been a VP nominee. 

Personally, I found his nomination as VP a poor choice. Hillary Clinton was mostly an unlikable, policy-wonk type of person. While Kaine wasn't necessarily unlikable, he had no charisma and was also a policy-wonk. Clinton was considered very establishment, and Kaine having led the DNC was the same. That said, he might have been a great VP, but he was probably a poor choice for this ticket from an election perspective. Meanwhile, Trump was smart to pick Pence since at the time the Evangelicals and establishment GOP liked Pence and were cautious about Trump. 

His actions:

Kaine, Tim 2006 1st Gov of VA to be sworn in at Williamsburg since Jefferson
Kaine, Tim 2008 Early Obama supporter nearly VP when Obama narrows list to Biden or Kaine
Kaine, Tim 2014 Breaks w/ Obama on airstrikes against ISIS, arguing the pres needed Congr approval
Kaine, Tim 2016 Clinton's VP nominee
Kaine, Tim 2018 introduced Medicare X w/ Bennet
Kaine, Tim 2023 adds prov to National Defense Authorization Act forbidding pres to withdraw from NATO w/o Congress approval
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His smug attitude during the VP debates was enough for me to dislike him. I dislike him even further for expressing interest in holding his senate senate for decades to come. 

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