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Favorable or Unfavorable #474: John Kasich


Favorable or Unfavorable #474: John Kasich  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #474: John Kasich

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John Kasich (OH-R) might have been the last hurrah of the Reagan Republicans when he was the last Republican alternate to Trump to drop out in 2016. He was the only GOP candidate in that race to have an optimistic campaign tone as well. In 2020, he noticably gave a major video speech (COVID-era convention with no real speakers) endorsing Biden over Trump. Since then he's been pretty quiet. 

Kasich was initially well-known for being an extremely effective US Rep during the Reagan-Bush I-Clinton years, especially on budgetary matters. Some think he was the central figure of the Clinton economic boom. He was also a popular two-term governor, popular enough that he defeated Trump in OH during the 2016 GOP primary. 

His actions:

Kasich, John 1986 Role in Goldwater-Nichols Act
Kasich, John 1993 Presents alternative to Omnibus Budget Act
Kasich, John 1993 Present market-based alternate healthcare plan to Hillarycare
Kasich, John 1994 Breaks w/ party to support assault weapons ban
Kasich, John 1995 Influential House Budget Committee Chair. Served during Clinton boom, surplus
Kasich, John 1996 Authors Welfare reform championed by Gingrich and signed by Clinton
Kasich, John 1996 Considered for VP nom by Dole
Kasich, John 1997 Key figure in Balanced Budget Act
Kasich, John 1998 Despite occasional bipartisan nature, supports removing Clinton from office during impeachment trial
Kasich, John 2000 Rep Pres cand
Kasich, John 2010 Defeats incumbent Gov of OH for Gov of OH
Kasich, John 2012 Breaks w/ many in his party by declaring climate change a real threat
Kasich, John 2015 Former opponent of legalized marijuana switches to support for medical marijuana
Kasich, John 2015 Argues that the US should send ground troops to combat ISIS
Kasich, John 2016 Rep pres cand, becoming the lead anti-Trump GOP cand
Kasich, John 2016 Did not vote for Trump
Kasich, John 2018 Long-time opponent of gay marriage, declares the end of his opposition to it
Kasich, John 2019 Argues for impeaching Trump
Kasich, John 2020 Backs Biden over Trump, taking part in the Dem Conv
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