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Favorable or Unfavorable #476: Kenneth Keating


Favorable or Unfavorable #476: Kenneth Keating  

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Kenneth Keating (NY-R) was a Rockefeller Republican--moderate-to-liberal on domestic issues and civil rights, while aggressive on foreign policy. He was both a leader in civil right and anti-communism. He's most famous for leading moderate and liberal GOPers out of the GOP convention when Goldwater was nominated in 1964. This probably helped in his defeat a few months later to RFK, as Keating would have needed conservative support to get reelected. Keating was probably sincere in the walkout, but one wonders if he also hoped it would help him win independents in his reelection bid or if he knew he was undermining his reelection chances.

His actions:

Keating, Kenneth 1957 Role in pushing through Civil Rights Act
Keating, Kenneth 1960 Introduces 23rd Amendment, allowing DC residents to vote for president
Keating, Kenneth 1962 Advises JFK to take action on Cuba months before the Cuban missile crisis
Keating, Kenneth 1962 charges JFK tolerates missiles in Cuba
Keating, Kenneth 1964 Role in breaking logjam to get Civil Rights Act passed
Keating, Kenneth 1964 leads moderates walkout from GOP conv; refuses to endorse Goldwater
Keating, Kenneth 1964 defeated for reelection by RFK in high-profile Sen race
Keating, Kenneth 1969 appt Amb to India for Nixon
Keating, Kenneth 1973 appt Amb to Israel for Nixon; dies in office year into Ford's presidency (1975)
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