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Favorable or Unfavorable #477: Estes Kefauver


Favorable or Unfavorable #477: Estes Kefauver  

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Estes Kefauver (TN-D) could be called the 1st Bernie Sanders for the fact that he was twice a strong runner-up for nomination. He was also a progressive, but he was relatively moderate on Civil Rights. He backed all of the Civil Rights bills, but he wasn't nearly as activist as other supporters. This is probably his one flaw. In all other ways, he was considered more progressive than about all of the other Democrats in the 1950s. 

His actions:

Kefauver, Estes 1946 Proposes bill to block loopholes in antitrust legislation
Kefauver, Estes 1950 Kefauver Committee to probe organized crime
Kefauver, Estes 1950 Celler-Kefauver Act regarding antitrust policy
Kefauver, Estes 1952 Outperforms Pres Truman in NH during primaries, leading to Truman to not seek reelection
Kefauver, Estes 1952 Victor in Democratic primaries, but fails to get nom at Dem Convention
Kefauver, Estes 1956 one of 3 Southern Dems not to sign Southern Manifesto
Kefauver, Estes 1956 Runner up Dem pres candidate again; selected as VP on Stevenson ticket
Kefauver, Estes 1957 Rare Southern Dem who backs Civil Rights Act
Kefauver, Estes 1959 investigation of drug industry
Kefauver, Estes 1960 Declines 3rd run for Dem pres nom, despite being considered initial frontrunner
Kefauver, Estes 1960 Southern Dem backs Civil Rights Act
Kefauver, Estes 1962 attacks admin in pressing drug regulation
Kefauver, Estes 1962 Southern Dem votes for 24th Amendment to forbid poll tax
Kefauver, Estes 1962 Kefauver-Harris Drug Act
Kefauver, Estes 1962 opposes COMSAT bill
Kefauver, Estes 1963 Suffers heart attack while proposing bill to apply antitrust measures to NASA research, dying a few days later
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