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Favorable or Unfavorable #480: John F Kelly


Favorable or Unfavorable #480: John F Kelly  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #480: John F Kelly

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John F Kelly was best known as Trump's Chief of Staff, the one who seemed to be openly grimacing frequently when Trump was in loose-cannon mode. Ultimately, he was at such odds with Trump's foreign policy and statements that he was iced out and then resigns from Trump's cabinet. 

His actions:

Kelly, John F 2003 Promoted to Brig Gen while serving in Iraq
Kelly, John F 2011 Promoted to Lt Gen
Kelly, John F 2012 Promoted to Gen and Appt Commander of US Southern Command by Obama
Kelly, John F 2017 Sec of HL Sec for Trump
Kelly, John F 2017 Resign as HL Sec to become Trump's Chief of Staff
Kelly, John F 2019 Resigns as Trump's Chief of Staff as Trump hadn't been speaking to him in weeks
Kelly, John F 2021 Supports using 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power after Jan 6th insurrection
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