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Favorable or Unfavorable #481: Jack Kemp


Favorable or Unfavorable #481: Jack Kemp  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #481: Jack Kemp

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Jack Kemp (NY-R) was a former NFL QB turned politicians, most famous for being the VP nom for the GOP in 1996 on the Bob Dole ticket. Historians are more likely to think his greatest legacy was his early advocacy of trickle down economics, which was later adopted by the Reagan admin. 

His actions:

Kemp, Jack 1970 Former star NFL QB wins US Rep of NY election one year after football retirement
Kemp, Jack 1976 becomes new major promoter of supply-side economics (trickle down theory)
Kemp, Jack 1978 Kemp-Roth tax cut proposal
Kemp, Jack 1980 Declines pressure to run for US Sen or for Pres
Kemp, Jack 1980 Initial frontrunner to be VP on Reagan ticket
Kemp, Jack 1981 Econ Recov Tax Act
Kemp, Jack 1982 Declines idea of running for Gov of NY
Kemp, Jack 1985? Named as possible heir apparant for Reagan
Kemp, Jack 1988 Rep pres cand but underperforms despite having been considered a leading contender a few years ago
Kemp, Jack 1989 Confirmed Sec of HUD for Bush, although will be largely ineffective as anti-poverty wasn't an admin mission
Kemp, Jack 1992 Cabinet member occasionally in opposition to Bush, calling economic plan "gimmicky" and advises dumping econ advisors
Kemp, Jack 1994 Conservative out of step with populist conservative Gingrich's Contract w/ America
Kemp, Jack 1995 Leads the Kemp Commission, an economic commission that recommends a flat tax to replace the income tax
Kemp, Jack 1996 Declines to run for pres b/c out of step w/ current party, but become GOP VP nom on Dole ticket nonetheless
Kemp, Jack 2000 Opts to endorse Bush rather than run for pres again
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