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Favorable or Unfavorable #484: Joseph P Kennedy Sr


Favorable or Unfavorable #484: Joseph P Kennedy Sr  

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JP Kennedy Sr of MA is best known as the father of JFK, but he was also something of a rising star for Democrats in the 1930s. He was a both a key fundraiser and a key Catholic politician. Had FDR not sought a 3rd term, JPK likely would have run. I don't know if he would have beaten some of the other likely candidates for 1940 -- Harry Hopkins (FDR's likely choice), James Farley (also an Irish-Catholic), Cordell Hull, and others. 

His actions:

Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1934 Made the 1st chair in US history for the Securities & Exchange Commission
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1938 Appt Amb to the UK by FDR, where he personally backs Chamberlain's UK policy of appeasing Hitler
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1938 Allegedly partakes in an anti-semitic driven dialogue w/ Nazi amb to UK, arguing that massacre of Jews is bad mainly because it makes the West look bad, overlooking any sort of humanitarian concern.
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1939 Allegedly plots a run for president in 1940, believing FDR would be defeated if he ran for a 3rd term.
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1940 w/o authorization from State Dept seeks interview w/ Hitler
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1940 Compelled to resign by FDR following controversial public prediction that Democracy was "finished in England" and may soon be finished in the US
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1940 Backs FDR for 3rd term in exchange of FDR backing Kennedy's bid for Gov of MA in 1942
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1941 Political career more or less ruined when FDR breaks with him over son Joe Kennedy Jr publicly opposing FDR's 3rd term
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1942 Declines planned run for Gov of MA due to lack of FDR's support
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1950 Dem becomes a financial backer and supporter of Joseph McCarthy and his fervent anti-Communism
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1954 Dem who maintains support for McCarthy amid censure
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1960 Allegedly unethically used his money and influence to win IL for JFK in pres election
Kennedy Sr, Joseph P 1961 Successfully pressures JFK to make RFK Att Gen, despite blatant nepotism
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