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Favorable or Unfavorable #489: John W Kern


Favorable or Unfavorable #489: John W Kern  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #489: John W Kern

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John W Kern (IN-D) may seem like an odd choice for VP, considering his only action pre-1908 is a failed run for Gov. Democrats considered IN an essential state to win in 1908, and Kern was apparently growing in reputation in his state. By 1912, he was like a top 10 Dem in the country, if not top 5. His influence is concentrated into only like 5 years, but it was a strong 5 years. 

His actions:

Kern, John W 1904 Runs for Gov of IN on advice of Dem pres nom Alton B Parker to boost both their chances in IN, but both lose
Kern, John W 1908 Dem VP nominee on Bryan ticket
Kern, John W 1912 co-Author of Dem platform
Kern, John W 1913 While the title did not exist, some argue he was the 1st Dem Sen Maj Ldr
Kern, John W 1913 Pro-labor Kern Resolution to investigate events regarding coal strike in WV
Kern, John W 1913 Role in 17th Amendment, allowing for direct election of US Sen
Kern, John W 1916 Kern-McGillicuddy bill regarding workers comp
Kern, John W 1916 lobbies Wilson against war involvement
Kern, John W 1916 Powerful Sen ironically defeated by the Direct Election Amendment he played a major role in
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