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Favorable or Unfavorable #492: Alan Keyes


Favorable or Unfavorable #492: Alan Keyes  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #492: Alan Keyes

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Alan Keyes was the first black GOPer to ever run for president. He was a minor diplomat for Reagan, working as a UN Envoy. He became one of the loudest Religious Right figures, rising in the ranks in that movement, possibly because he was a rare minority in that group. He was a perennial candidate for offices, most notably losing against Barack Obama for the US Senate. He frequently changed his state of residence to run for office, which is a common trait of perennial candidates. 

He gained a lot of media attention for being a prime mover, along with Donald Trump, of the discredited birther movement against Barack Obama. Typically, during his presidential runs he would accuse Democrats of being Radical Communists.

Keyes last notable action is when he turned on Trump, describing him as having the "glamour of evil" for his "sinful" behavior. 

While not an action, in about 2005, he allegedly disowned his daughter because she came out as a lesbian. He claims he did not do that, while she gave evidence that she did. Were he a higher profile politician this unusual family drama would be included as an action. 

His actions:

Keyes, Alan 1996 Rep pres cand, 1st black GOPer to run in a primary
Keyes, Alan 2000 Rep pres cand
Keyes, Alan 2008 Rep pres cand
Keyes, Alan 2008 A leader of the birther movement, discredited claim that Obama was not a US citizen; calls Obama a radical communist usurper
Keyes, Alan 2016 Attacks fellow conservative Christians for supporting "sinful" Trump who had "the glamour of evil."
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Keyes was one of the first pols I knew about, because of whatever that game was before PI that we found and played recently.  The one that was basically a windows 3.1 game.  It's on some internet archive somewhere.

Also still off topic, but there's a really amazing alternate history scenario over at The New Campaign trail right now, alternate 1996 where HW has a second term and the Soviet Coup succeeded.  Keyes is a major possible running mate for Pete Wilson, the Republican candidate.

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