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Sign Up for French Revolution Playtest #2


Sign Up for French Revolution Playtest #2  

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  1. 1. Did you read my first post in this thread?

  2. 2. Did you play in the first playtest?

  3. 3. Are you interested and able to playtest one of the 4 factions for this playtest?

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Here's some things to consider for this upcoming playtest:

  • I think we will begin sometime in March. 
  • There will be 4 player factions, and I'll run the Royalist CPU faction. Ultimately, the game might just be a 3-faction game, but I just want to see if 4 factions work. 
  • You will not be able to communicate with other factions to coordinate strategy. The reason for this is because if this game is released, I don't expect it to be multiplayer online, although that could change. But let's just test it without communication. 
  • Unlike last time, no tag-teaming. One forum member per faction. 
  • We will have a loose 24 hour rule because I think this version will take longer to process and I'm running the royalist CPU faction. This update shouldn't have any extra burden on the playtesters from the last one, aside from just having more options among your politicians. Our rule will be, if three of the four factions submit actions within 24 hours, then please get yours in within 24 hours. If you will take over 24 hours, let me know in advance or ASAP. If you go beyond 48-hours and I don't hear anything from you, and you aren't in the hospital or dead, then you'll be removed from the game and barred from any future playtests of games made by me. On the other hand, if you are timely in your responses, then you'll likely be given priority in future games. 
  • Unlike last time, you won't select liberals, moderates, etc. I may change this is this causes issues. 
  • We will play through 1795, but could play longer if I have the game set up for longer by the time we get to 1795. 
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We still need at least 1 more person, ideally 2. I haven't updated this game since I created this poll because I'm unsure if this playtest is exactly happening. Anyway, this is my last call. I might try again in a year or something if we don't get anyone. 

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@Willthescout7 @Bushwa777 @Lars @Arkansas Progressive 

Okay, so you all will be leading factions. I need to finish updating the game since I paused on doing that once I started to think another playtest wasn't going to happen. I have about 50 more papers to grade this week, but I think I may be able to start updating the game on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So we may be able to start on either Sunday or Monday. It's is possible it could take longer since I haven't looked at what I need to do in over a week. It's also possible I may end up having weekend plans that suddently occur. I'm assuming I'll be at home all weekend.  I may kind of update as we go along.

I know one thing I need to do is update criteria for victory, and things like that. And type up the rules. Figure out how much support for reform is necessary for each bill/action. Etc. All of this might be accomplished in three days--could be less or could be more. But at least we know this playtest is happening now. I'll send access to the files once I get a clearer picture of when we are starting. I won't look at things until Friday, unless I make a grading breakthrough.

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