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Favorable or Unfavorable #493: Harley Kilgore


Favorable or Unfavorable #493: Harley Kilgore  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #493: Harley Kilgore

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Harley Kilgore (WV-D) is one of the major figures in WV back when the state occasionally had liberal politicians. 

To clarify the 1950 action, Kilgore didn't want to strike down all suppression of the ACP, he wanted to water it down to national emergencies only, and only if the US president declares such emergency. However, the legislature ended up taking Kilgore's alternate bill and just adding it to the McCarren Act, giving it even more power, so his strategy backfired. The bill passed. Truman vetoed it. The veto was overridden. 

His actions:

Kilgore, Harley 1943 bill to set up a govt-sponsored research org
Kilgore, Harley 1945 takes over Truman's 1942-44 watchdog role
Kilgore, Harley 1948 Dem Pres cand
Kilgore, Harley 1950 Helped lead liberal opposition to McCarren Act, which aimed to suppress the American Communist Party, but his strategy failed
Kilgore, Harley 1953 Casts deciding vote to kill Bricker amdt
Kilgore, Harley 1956 Refuses to sign Southern Manifesto and dies soon after
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