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Favorable or Unfavorable #496: Adam Kinzinger


Favorable or Unfavorable #496: Adam Kinzinger  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #496: Adam Kinzinger

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Adam Kinzinger (IL-R) will be remembered as one of the more vocal Never Trump Republicans, although he voted with Trump 90% of the time, according to statistics, including in attempts to repeal Obamacare. Kinzinger was not really a moderate US Rep, although he does support three bills below that align more with liberals.

He declined to run for reelection soon aftering being censured by Trump-controlled GOPers for helping investigate the coup attempt of Jan 6th. The GOP made no attempt to censure the Democratic members of the investigation team, which shows that were more concerned with party members having free will to move according to their conscience than with the idea of the investigation. Liz Cheney was also censured. 

His actions:

Kinzinger, Adam 2016 GOPer who refused to vote for Trump or Clinton for pres
Kinzinger, Adam 2019 Votes against impeaching Trump during 1st impeachment, but later says in an interview that he regrets doing so
Kinzinger, Adam 2021 1 of 10 GOPers to vote for Trump's impeachment after the Jan 6th insurrection
Kinzinger, Adam 2021 Calls on fellower GOPer Gaetz to resign amid Gaetz's sex trafficking charges
Kinzinger, Adam 2021 appt to Jan 6th Investigation Committee
Kinzinger, Adam 2021 one of only 13 GOPers to support major infrastructure bill
Kinzinger, Adam 2021 one of only a few GOP to support bill for background checks
Kinzinger, Adam 2022 Censured by GOP-controlled House for helping Democrats investigate the Jan 6th insurrection, along with Liz Cheney
Kinzinger, Adam 2002 One of only 47 GOP reps to back Respect for Marriage Act, codifying same-sex marriage
Kinzinger, Adam 2024 Back Chris Christie for pres
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7 minutes ago, jvikings1 said:

Why would GOP organizations censure Democrats? Lol, there would be zero point in that.

Thats my error then. I thought it was a US House censure and not just a GOP org censure. 

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