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Favorable or Unfavorable #500: William Knowland


Favorable or Unfavorable #500: William Knowland  

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William Knowland (CA-R) was something of an interstate interparty rival of Nixon. Both were strong anticommunist, conservative GOPers, more like Robert Taft than Thomas E Dewey. 

Regarding 1952, Nixon's scandal gave Eisenhower an opportunity to remove Nixon as his VP nom. He never liked Nixon and accepted him to make conservatives happy. Eisenhower actually met with Knowland expecting to switch VPs, but Nixon's Checkers Speech was so well-received by the public that advisors compelled Eisenhower to keep Nixon. 

Knowland's defeat for the governorship in 1958 knocked his rising star out of the sky. He was only about 49 or 50, but he never sought office again. Instead, he because the unofficial GOP leader in the state without holding an office. Nixon moves to NY after losing his bid for governor, basically ceding power to Knowland, who holds it until Reagan wins the governorship in 1966. 

Knowland's father was a US Rep for CA during the Progressive Era 

His actions:

Knowland, William 1945 Conservative appt by liberal Gov Warren of CA to replace deceased progressive Sen Hiram Johnson
Knowland, William 1948 Delivers nomination speech for GOP VP nom Earl Warren at Convention
Knowland, William 1948 notable Asia Firster, who wanted a Marshall Plan for Europe, troops, and resources in Asia to combat Communism
Knowland, William 1950 backs U.S. Korean action
Knowland, William 1952 Robert Taft's top choice to be his VP had he won GOP nom at convention
Knowland, William 1952 Nearly made replacement VP in general election after Nixon's scandal leading to Checkers Speech
Knowland, William 1953 hardline anti-coexistence foreign policy
Knowland, William 1953 Sen Maj Ldr, and the last one until 1981 for the GOP; at age 45 was the youngest to hold this office
Knowland, William 1954 sets stage for McCarthy censure
Knowland, William 1955 Sen Min Ldr
Knowland, William 1956 Plans to run for president until Eisenhower announces reelection bid
Knowland, William 1957 Conservative who backs Civil Rights Act of 1957 and cried because he wanted a stronger bill
Knowland, William 1958 Loses election for Gov of CA in high-profile race
Knowland, William 1966 Major surrogate, along w/ Nixon, in helping Reagan win Gov of CA, passing the state GOP leadership role to the actor
Knowland, William 1972 Former anti-Red China figure from the 1950s, unexpectedly praises Nixon's China trip
Knowland, William 1974 Kills self due to heavy debts and owing a fortune to the mob
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