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Favorable or Unfavorable #502: Philander Knox


Favorable or Unfavorable #502: Philander Knox  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #502: Philander Knox

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Philander Knox (PA-R) was a lawyer, banker who served as a cabinet officer for three presidents. He was connected with the major industrialists of the era prior to his service, but he didn't interfere with Roosevelt's progressive trustbusting. 

His actions:

Knox, Philander 1901 Confirmed Att Gen for McKinley and stays on for TR
Knox, Philander 1902 advises TR not to intervene in coal strike
Knox, Philander 1902 Leads anti-trust suit against Northern Securities
Knox, Philander 1906 Proposes amendment to Hepburn bill
Knox, Philander 1908 Rep Cand for Pres
Knox, Philander 1909 Confirmed Sec of State for Taft; recommded by Elihu Root who declined the offer
Knox, Philander 1909 Inaugurates US Dollar Diplomacy, although the strategy was later deemed a failure by scholars
Knox, Philander 1916 Rep Pres Cand
Knox, Philander 1919 an "irreconcilable" on League
Knox, Philander 1920 his peace resolution vetoed by Wilson
Knox, Philander 1920 Mentioned as Compromise Candidate at GOP Conv before Harding eventually selected
Knox, Philander 1921 Advises Harding to select Mellon as Sec of Treasury, which he does
Knox, Philander 1921 Suggested as Sec of State by Lodge, but declined by Harding (Knox dies this year anyway)
Knox, Philander 1921 Knox-Porter Resolution formally ends US involvement in WWI
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