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Hypothetical 2024 Election Poll


Hypothetical 2024 Election Poll  

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  1. 1. Did you see the EV result image in the post for this thread?

  2. 2. The PV is Biden 43% Trump 42% RFK Jr 12%, Stein, 1% West 1%, Libertarian 1%. And WI was won by Biden by only 80 votes (w/ recounts favoring Biden). Does Trump call the result a fraud or rigged against him?

    • Likely yes
    • Likely no
  3. 3. Considering the above. Does the GOP Senators and US Reps try to prevent certification?

    • No, except for a handful of radical populists
    • Maybe rhetorically only
    • I expect some to make some symbolic actions, possibly a walkout during certification
    • They will mostly actively try to prevent Biden's reelection
  4. 4. And considering your response in question #2, do you think Trump supporters storm the capital again?

  5. 5. And considering your response in question #2, do you think Trump runs for president again in 2028?

    • Yes, if he's still alive he'll run for president for the rest of his life until he gets in there again
    • Yes, but the GOP will finally be done with him and look elsewhere as evidence --clearly-- shows signs that the GOP is seeking normalcy. That is, he'll lose in the primary.
    • Yes, but he will undermine his party in the general as more Republicans who reluctantly backed Trump are so tired of him that they go 3rd party or vote Democrat.
    • No, Trump has the common sense and logistical reasoning to know when he's done seeking power and attention. He will "retire' and try to lead the party purely rhetorically out of office.
    • No because he will likely be in jail or prison
  6. 6. If this ends up being the 2024 result, when do you think we will see another relatively peaceful presidential election (Use 2012 for a measure of relatively peaceful)?

    • 2028
    • Whenever Trump or MAGA dies off
    • Whenever Wokeism and Anti-fascism (antifa) dies off
    • Never again
  7. 7. How does this poll make you feel

    • Filled with mirth
    • Filled with the highest of blood pressures
    • Filled with a sadness so dark that even a black hole in space looks albino
    • Mixed. I'm happy Biden won but I question if I can handle another presidential electionin my life, especially if Trump is still getting airtime.

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Regarding #3, it depends on the results of the house election, and also I'm pretty sure Congress actually passed (haha) a bill closing a lot of the loopholes that were used or could have been used last time in regards to this, so at the very least if they wanted to make a go of it, it would look different than last time.  I don't remember the details of the bill though right now, I think the main point was clarifying the VP's role was symbolic, but with Harris as the current VP don't know if that'd matter.

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For 3, I think it's pretty easy to say that a chunk of the House will try to do something, maybe a few senators like 2020. I don't believe the numbers will change much from those who objected in 2020, but I still file that more under actively doing something.

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The GOP Gov nominee for NC is so bad that I could see Biden win the state if he becomes controversial enough. This only happens if NC is truly a battleground state though and not something closer to Florida. 

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