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2024 World Elections Poll


2024 World Elections Poll  

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  1. 1. How would you vote for in the United Kingdom General Election of 2024?

    • Conservative Party
    • Labour Party
    • Liberal Democrats
    • Reform Party
    • Green Party
    • SNP
    • Alba
    • DUP
    • Sinn Fein
    • Plaid Cymru
    • SDLP
    • Alliance
    • Other Minor Party
  2. 2. How would you vote in the European Union election of 2024?

    • European People's Party (Christian Democracy/Liberal Conservatism/Pro-Europeanism)
    • Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (Social Democracy/Pro-Europeanism)
    • Renew Europe (Pro-Europeanism/Liberalism)
    • Greens-Europeans Free Alliance (Green politics/Pro-Europeanism)
    • European Conservatives and Reformists (Conservatism/Soft Euroscepticism)
    • Identity and Democracy (Right populism/Nationalism/Hard Euroscepticism)
    • The Left in the European Parliament - GUE/NGL (Democratic Socialism/Left Populism/Communism/Soft Euroscepticism)
    • Non-Inscrits (Other)
  3. 3. How would you vote in the Russian Presidential election of 2024?

    • Vladimir Putin (Independent)
    • Nikolay Kharitonov (Communist)
    • Leonid Slutsky (Liberal Democratic)
    • Vladislav Davankov (New People)
    • Sergey Malinkovich* (Communists of Russia)
    • Boris Nadezhdin* (Civic Initiative)
    • Blank/Invalid
  4. 4. How would you vote in the South African general election of 2024?

    • African National Congress (Social Democracy/African Nationalism)
    • Multi-Party Charter (Big Tent, Anti-ANC, Anti-EFF, Anti-Corruption)
    • Economic Freedom Fighters (Communism/Black Supremacy/Anti-Zionism)
    • United Democratic Movement (Social Democracy)
    • African Transformation Movement (Christian Democracy)
    • Good (Social Democracy/Environmentalism/Anti-Racism)
    • National Freedom Party (Social Democracy/Egalitarianism)
    • African Independent Congress (Social Conservatism)
    • Congress of People (Social Liberalism)
    • Pan African Congress of Azania (Pan-African Socialism)
    • Al Jama-ah (Islamic Democracy)
    • Other/Blank
  5. 5. How would you vote in the South Korean legislative election?

    • Democratic (Liberalism)
    • People Power (Conservatism)
    • Green-Justice (Progressivism)
    • New Reform (Big Tent/Ideology Unclear)
    • New Progressive Union (UBI/Social Liberalism)
    • New Future (Centrist Reformism/Anti-Populism)
    • Progressive (Left-wing Nationalism)
    • Other
  6. 6. How would you vote in the 2024 Mexican Presidential election?

    • Claudia Sheinbaum - Let's Keep Making History (Left-wing Nationalism)
    • Xochitl Galvez - Broad Front for Mexico (Big Tent)
    • Jorge Alvarez Maynez - Citizens' Movement (Social Democracy)
    • Other/Write In/Blank
  7. 7. How would you vote in the 2024 Indian general election?

    • National Democratic Alliance (Big Tent, mostly right to center-right with some centrist and center-left parties))
    • I.N.D.I.A. (Big Tent, far-left to center-right)
    • Other Minor Party Not Part of a Major Alliance
  8. 8. How would you vote in the 2024 Belgian general Election

    • New Flemish Alliance (Flemish Nationalism and Conservatism)
    • Socialist Party (Social Democracy)
    • Vlaams Belang (Flemish nationalism, Right Populism)
    • Reformist Movement (Conservative Liberalism)
    • Ecolo (Green politics)
    • Christian Democratic and Flemish (Christian Democracy, Flemish interests)
    • Worker's Party of Belgium (Socialism)
    • Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Conservative Liberalism, Flemish interests)
    • Vooruit (Socialism, Flemish interests)
    • Groen (Green politics, Flemish interests)
    • Les Engages (Centrism, French-speakers interests)
    • DeFI (Social Liberalism, French-speakers interests)
    • Other
  9. 9. How would you vote in the 2024 Portuguese Legislative elections?

    • Socialist Party (Social Democracy)
    • Democratic Alliance (Liberal Conservatism)
    • Enough! (Right Populism)
    • Liberal Initiative (Classical Liberalism)
    • Unitary Democratic Coalition (Communism)
    • Left Bloc (Left Populism)
    • People Animals Nature (Animal welfare)
    • FREE (Green politics)
    • Other
  10. 10. How would you vote in the 2024 Austrian Legislative Election?

    • Austrian People's Party (Conservatism)
    • Social Democratic Party of Austria (Social Democracy)
    • Freedom Party of Austria (Right Populism)
    • The Greens - The Green Alternative (Green Politics)
    • NEOS - The New Austria and Liberal Forum (Liberalism)
    • Other

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In an effort to bolster interest in international elections on what's a very US dominated forum, and 'celebrate' just how many major elections are on tap for this year, I decided to make a poll asking forum members to express their support for parties halfway across the globe. I had three rules going into this

1. Election can not have already happened (Sorry Taiwan and Finland, if I had the idea earlier I would've included you 😕)

2. Must be in a country that has a Democracy index score over 0.75.

3. Exceptions to rule two can be made for countries which are especially notable on the world stage, such as Russia or India.

If there's a lot of demand, I'm open to making another poll with some more 2024 elections. There are a lot of interesting elections that I had to pass over since I wanted to keep it to ten elections (for both pollster fatigue, and voter fatigue reasons lol) so there's definitely more to be explored in this area.

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9 hours ago, Hestia said:

I think my India vote was wrong lol. Read it too fast and the words got scrambled. 

Yeah, the alliances are basically both massive tents that boil down to

Are you pro-Modi or anti-Modi?

Pro (NDA)

Anti (I.N.D.I.A)

I have to wonder how I.N.D.I.A would even govern if it managed to secure a majority (which unlikely as polls stand right now) given how big the differences between the parties are.

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I selected People's Power in South Korea because it is probably the party I would identify with, but there was a short-lived split in the form of the New Conservative Party, which dissolved and merged back with PP. I would probably be in line with that faction of PP. 

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I will vote for Renew Europe during the european elections this june.

However the european parliament is pushed to broad coalitions due to the rise of eurosceptic parties so the european commission ends up a mixt of socialists greens and liberals.

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