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Favorable or Unfavorable #505: James H Kyle


Favorable or Unfavorable #505: James H Kyle  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #505: James H Kyle

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JH Kyle of SD represents a Populist (People's Party) politician who joined the GOP. In most cases, it seems these politicians joined or merged with the Democrats. On top of this, his support of McKinley's War is a huge break with late 19th-century populist "orthodoxy." Most populists in the 1890s joined the Democrats because populist Democrat WJ Bryan took over party leadership. 

His actions:

Kyle, James H. 1891 People's Party pol wins US House seat
Kyle, James H. 1892 seeks People's party nom for pres
Kyle, James H. 1894 Role in making Labor Day a holiday
Kyle, James H. 1898 Backs Sp-Am War unlike many populists
Kyle, James H. 1898? Joins the GOP
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Not quite sure which way to go, but I'm banking unfavorable based on the fact that most plains populists/progressives had monetary policy I disagree with, and I'm just going to assume he did too even if there's no explicit action for it.  TBH being People's Party probably is explicit.

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