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Favorable or Unfavorable #508: Fiorello La Guardia


Favorable or Unfavorable #508: Fiorello La Guardia  

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Fiorello La Guardia (NY-R) is probably best known for being the namesake of LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in NYC. People in NYC, best remember him as their mayor during WWII and before. In 1993, a panel voted him as one of the top 10 mayors in US History.

He commanded a lot of authority despite being shaped like a bowling ball. He was about 5 foot tall by 5 foot wide. 

He might be the only member of the GOP to briefly leave the party to become a Socialist and then return to the GOP. Typically, progressives who became Socialist came from the Democratic progressive wing. If I had to pinpoint a difference between GOP and Democratic progressives, it's probably that the GOP progressives tended to be more moralistic, efficiency-based, and science-based in their progressivism, while the Democratic progressives seemed to be geared more towards fairness and equality (at least for whites). The Civil Rights movement wasn't strongly in play except for by a few isolated progressives, mostly in the North. The weird thing about progressivism then is that it was both populist and intellectual. 

He was a key GOP ally for FDR. I'm not sure if he ever voted for a Republican president again after Harding, despite being a Republican in the1930s and 1940s. I can't find any info on how he voted in 1932 and 1944, but it seems likely it was FDR. He was even endorsed and supported to run for mayor by FDR and the president also gave La Guardia a role in the admin while still holding office as mayor. I'm certain part of FDR's support of La Guardia was FDR's goal of getting all of the progressives into his party, so he could purge the conservatives from it. 

His actions:

La Guardia, Fiorello 1912 progressive GOPer who backs Taft
La Guardia, Fiorello 1917 opposes Espionage Act
La Guardia, Fiorello 1917 supports Russian Rev
La Guardia, Fiorello 1920 GOPer who supports League of Nations
La Guardia, Fiorello 1922 Opts against run for Gov of NY in last moment
La Guardia, Fiorello 1924 Backs La Follette 3rd party bid
La Guardia, Fiorello 1924 Joins Socialist Party, leaving GOP
La Guardia, Fiorello 1924 GOPer backs child labor amendment
La Guardia, Fiorello 1926 Rejoins GOP
La Guardia, Fiorello 1926 calls news conference to mix anti-Prohibition drink
La Guardia, Fiorello 1928 GOPer backs fellow NYer but Dem, Al Smith for pres
La Guardia, Fiorello 1932 flirts w/ joining Dem party
La Guardia, Fiorello 1932 Norris-La Guardia Act regarding labor-mgt relations
La Guardia, Fiorello 1932 co-leads revolt against leadership tax plan
La Guardia, Fiorello 1932 bill for poor man's RFC
La Guardia, Fiorello 1933 A major GOP New Dealer
La Guardia, Fiorello 1934 becomes mayor of NYC, holding the office for 12 vital years
La Guardia, Fiorello 1945 backs Henry A Wallace's effort for friendly relations w/ USSR
La Guardia, Fiorello 1947 opposes Truman Doctrine
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