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Favorable or Unfavorable #512: LQC Lamar

Favorable or Unfavorable #512: LQC Lamar  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #512: LQC Lamar

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LQC Lamar (MS-D) was possibly the highest profile former Confederate in the federal government after the Civil War. This is especially notable because Lamar hadn't just seceded with his state, he was pushing for secession over the slavery issue. This made his 1874 eulogy for Sen. Charles Sumner stand out especially, consider Sumner was arguably the most fervent abolitionist US Senator. By 1890, he had come around at least to the believe that votes for blacks was now law of the land. I don't know if his 1890 action was support for black suffrage or just defending the US Constitution. Nevertheless, it shows an evolution. 

His actions:

Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1860 Enslaving 61 people, according to the US Census
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1860 Back Breckinridge; strongly opposed to Douglas
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1861 Secessionist US Rep secedes with his state of MS; becomes CSA military staff officer
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1871 Defends KKK members during time as a defense attorney
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1873 Fmr CSA officer enters Congress, opposing Reconstruction and voting rights for blacks by arguing for white supremacy of the "Saxon race"
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1874 Ex-Confederate gives eulogy to Charles Sumner, a famous abolitionist
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1877 in on Wormley House Bargain regarding Hayes
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1878 Opposes Bland-Allison Act
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1885 Advises Cleveland on cabinet appointments
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1885 Confirmed Sec of Interior for Cleveland
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1888 Confirmed to SC for Cleveland; 1st Southerner appt to SC since CW
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1890 Now supporting black suffrage, opposes new MS Constitution which sought to disenfranchise blacks
Lamar, Lucius Q.C. 1893 Dies in office
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Oops, shit, meant to vote unfavorable not favorable!

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