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Favorable or Unfavorable #515: Jim Lane

Favorable or Unfavorable #515: Jim Lane  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #515: Jim Lane

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Jim Lane of IN and KS is one of the more erratic figures in US history. He commanded a regiment in the Mexican War, which helped him become a US Rep in IN. He strangely supported the KS-NE Act, but then led a group of militant abolitionists into KS to make it a Free State. 

I think his suicide was mental illness. Of the three theories, bad finances seems to be the weakest. 

His 1858 action was allegedly self-defense. One story is that someone shot at Lane first because that thought he was about to pull out a gun to shoot them, and then Lane fired after they fired. 

His actions:

Lane, Jim 1854 US Rep of IN votes for KS-NE Act despite abolitionism; soon moves to KS to stop slavery
Lane, Jim 1855 Free Soil Dem leads militant abolitionist group to KS
Lane, Jim 1855 Presides over antislavery Topeka Constitution in KS
Lane, Jim 1856 Leaves the Dems and joins the GOP
Lane, Jim 1858 Joins KS Danites group aimed to stop pro-slavery MO's influence in KS
Lane, Jim 1858 Kills a man with a shotgun, but is acquitted
Lane, Jim 1861 Becomes one of the inaugural US Sen for KS, a new Free State
Lane, Jim 1861 Recruits his Jayhawker Brigade, which he leads into battles while serving as a US Sen
Lane, Jim 1862 Pulled from active duty due to controversy over someone being a US Sen and a general
Lane, Jim 1862 recruits the 1st black military unit to fight in the war -- 1st KS Volunteer Regm't (Colored)
Lane, Jim 1863 Target of Lawrence Massacre/Quantrill's Raid but escapes
Lane, Jim 1863 move to abolish West Point
Lane, Jim 1863 gives speech advocating that all land in South Carolina (1st state to secede) should be given to blacks
Lane, Jim 1865 Kills himself, possibly due to madness, depression, or accusation of mishandled finances
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This guy reminds me of Andrew Jackson in a lot of ways, although less successful in about every way.

I think he's reckless and violent, but he typically was involved in a just cause (ending slavery). 

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