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Favorable or Unfavorable #518: William Langer

Favorable or Unfavorable #518: William Langer  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #518: William Langer

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William Langer (ND-R) is a rare Dakota politician with 5+ actions. He was most famous as an isolationists and for being evicted as governor, and then winning election to get back in.

Regarding his 1934 and 1936, I'm most disturbed that he declare martial law to keep his office. He literally barricaded himself into the capital and was set to try and declare North Dakota independent of the US unilaterally after signing a document with the intent of secession. The guy seems nuts. He tried to get an entire state to secede from the Union because the federal government convicted him, a single individual. It sounds like something Trump would do.  

His actions:

Langer, William 1934 Gov of ND forcibly removed from office after being convicted of defrauding the the fed gov't; declares martial law in attempt to keep office and tries to get ND to secede
Langer, William 1936 Reelected Gov of ND soon after appeal overturns his prior conviction
Langer, William 1938 Temporarily leaves GOP to run for US Sen as Indep. but loses
Langer, William 1945 one of two Senate votes against UN Charter
Langer, William 1945 Opposes full entry of US into the UN
Langer, William 1950 opposes McCarran Internal Security Act
Langer, William 1957 Conservative signs civil right act
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