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Favorable or Unfavorable #519: Robert Lansing

Favorable or Unfavorable #519: Robert Lansing  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #519: Robert Lansing

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Robert Lansing (NY-D) could be said to be one of the last Bourbon Democrats -- A Northern, pro-business, conservative Democrat. He is best known for being Sec of State during US Involvement of WWII and during much of the peace process afterwards. He led efforts to remove Wilson following the debilitating stroke, but Wilson was just cognitive and physically active enough to keep his job and fend off attempts to remove him. Much of this is because Wilson's stroke was hidden during part of the recovery process.

I sometimes wonder if VP Marshall standing in would have helped Democrats in 1920. It would have certainly meant the US Senate would have more control in peace negotiation. A major reason Wilson's peace failed was because he refused to allow the Senate to get involved on any serious level. 

His actions:

Lansing, Robert 1914 Advises neutrality amid WWI
Lansing, Robert 1915 Advises stronger stance against Germany following sinking of Lusitania, upsetting Sec of State Bryan
Lansing, Robert 1915 Confirmed Sec of State for Wilson
Lansing, Robert 1916 Negotiates purchase of Danish West Indies
Lansing, Robert 1917 Negotiates treaty w/ Japan on China, that both nations would respect China's independence
Lansing, Robert 1919 Conflicts w/ Wilson over post-war policies, causes loss of influence
Lansing, Robert 1920 Begins leading cabinet meetings after Wilson's stroke
Lansing, Robert 1920 Suggests VP Marshall assume powers of presidency because of Wilson's stroke
Lansing, Robert 1920 Fired by Wilson for insubordination in aftermath of Wilson's stroke
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