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Favorable or Unfavorable #520: Paul Laxalt

Favorable or Unfavorable #520: Paul Laxalt  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #520: Paul Laxalt

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Paul Laxalt (NV-R) was possibly Reagan's closest ally. He and Reagan were both govs of neighboring states and often met to discuss shared issues near their borders. 

His grandson is Adam Laxalt, who keeps running for higher office in NV and losing to Democrats. Adam Laxalt is the grandson of this major politician and the son of Sen. Pete Dominici (via an affair that this Senator has with Laxalt's daughter). 

His actions:

Laxalt, Paul 1964 strong Goldwater supporter loses bid for US Sen by only 48 votes
Laxalt, Paul 1976 Chairs Reagan's pres campaign
Laxalt, Paul 1977 Strongly opposes Carter's Panama Canal treaty plans
Laxalt, Paul 1980 Chairs Reagan's pres campaign again
Laxalt, Paul 1980 Considered for VP
Laxalt, Paul 1981 Close friendship w/ Reagan has many calling him "First Friend" as Reagan takes office
Laxalt, Paul 1984 Chairs Reagan's pres campaign a 3rd time
Laxalt, Paul 1986 Reagan's emissary to tell Marcos to quit
Laxalt, Paul 1987 Offered WH Chief of Staff job by Reagan but turns it down as he plans run for pres
Laxalt, Paul 1988 GOP pres cand
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Why so dismissive of Adam Laxalt? His loses were very narrow in such a blue-leaning state, and he was attorney general of Nevada. He’s not Robert O’Rourke yet…

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