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Favorable or Unfavorable #523: Barbara Lee

Favorable or Unfavorable #523: Barbara Lee  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #523: Barbara Lee

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Barbara Lee (CA-D) is one of the more progressive Democrats. I was surprised to see she was born in TX. She's most notable for wanting to throw out votes in states where there are potential irregularities. For 2016, her rationale was that MI was too close of a margin and WV seemed impossibly large of a marigin. Had her attempts to throw out votes succeeded, the House would have had to pick between Gore and Bush in 2000 w/ Gore holding a big lead, while in 2004 Bush would have held a lead as the House decided the election. For 2016, Trump would have still won the election. 

Note: Her 1973 action isn't because she was doing anything illegal. Nixon was paranoid about the Black Panthers and was surveiling anyone connected to them. 

Her actions:

Lee, Barbara 1973 surveilled by the FBI for involvement with the Black Panthers
Lee, Barbara 2001 In fall out of contentious 2000 Election, joins those calling for FL EVs to be dismissed b/c of voting irregularities
Lee, Barbara 2001 Only US Rep to oppose invading Afghanistan
Lee, Barbara 2005 Joins those calling for OH EVs to not be counted in 2004 result due to alleged voting irregularities
Lee, Barbara 2016 Calls for MI and WV EVs to be tossed out of 2016 election because of potentially irregularities
Lee, Barbara 2019 Introduces Marijuana Justice for All Act in House
Lee, Barbara 2020 Backs Kamala Harris in 2020 primaries
Lee, Barbara 2023 Opposes Biden's decision to send military aid to Ukraine
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I'm sure in general I favor her highly, but a lot of these actions are wasteful and potentially undemocratic. I am supportive of her 2019 action, while partially supportive of her 2001 Afghanistan action. I don't count 1973 oe 2020 against her. I don't like her 1st 2001 action, 2004, 2016, or 2023 actions.

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I used to like her somewhat, when I had only a vague idea of her as a Progressive rep from California, but her senate run has really soured me on her. She seems way too far left in general and way too non-interventionist on foreign policy for me to accept. Even someone like AOC supports helping Ukraine. Plus there’s the whole Scientology thing…

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Her vote for the Afghanistan AUMF is probably one of the best votes in recent history, but it’s just ruined by pretty much every other action of hers. 

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